2019 Geological Society of America Annual Meeting

Dr. Mark Krekeler had 17 presentations at the annual meeting from September 22-25, 2019 in Phoenix, Arizona - the second highest number at this national meeting. Collectively these presentations involved:

  • 8 Miami Regionals Students
  • 5 Miami Oxford Students
  • 1 Miami Regionals Staff Member (Debbie Fackey)
  • 2 Former Miami Regionals Technicians (Michelle Burke and Caleb Chappell)
  • 2 Ph.D. students from other institutions (University of Pennsylvania and Vanderbilt University)
  • Dr. Claire McLeod at the Oxford campus who is the Project Lead on a $330,000 NSF grant with Dr. Krekeler which supported attendance of approximately half of these students.

Miami Regionals student Claudia Dawson gave a great talk – a significant achievement for an undergraduate student at a national meeting. Team work was a major theme of the group as many students and technicians were involved on multiple presentations totaling 37 examples of student and staff authorship, excluding faculty.

Trevor Lambert and Dr. Mark Krekler

Trevor Lambert is a senior presenting his poster on characterizing 2.7 billion year old rocks in Wyoming with Dr. Krekeler. This work grew out of Dr. Krekeler’s Geoenvironmental Field Methods Class (GLG 311) which is taught in Spring Semesters.

Traister Oglesbee and Dr. Mark Krekler

Traister Oglesbee is a sophomore presenting his environmental research on sand deposits in central Nevada with Dr. Mark Krekeler. Traister is part of the NSF AUGITE program directed by Dr. Claire McLeod (Oxford Campus) and Dr. Mark Krekeler. 

Claudia Dawson and Dr. Mark Krekler

Claudia Dawson is a senior and gave a talk in a regular environmental geology session – a significant achievement for an undergraduate student at a national meeting. Claudia did a great job!

Jordan Vest and Dr. Mark Krekler

Jordan Vest (a junior Oxford student) presenting her scanning electron microscopy work on mine waste mineralogy from a site in central Nevada. Jordan collaborated extensively with Caleb Chappell who was a Regionals campus geomaterials technician. Caleb is now doing a Ph.D. at the Colorado School of Mines.

Carter Lindeman and Dr. Mark Krekler

Carter Lindeman presenting his work on volcanic tuff deposits at the Round Mountain Gold Mine with Dr. Krekeler. Carter has some of the first detailed work looking at different textures of rock types entrained in the volcanic unit which may lead to a better understanding of gold mineralization.

Dan Blakemore and Dr. Mark Krekler

Dan Blakemore is a Master’s Student working with Dr. Krekeler and Dr. McLeod working on gold content in pyrite. Dan was a contributing author on 8 other presentations at the meeting, most involving AUGITE program undergraduate students.

Ethan Klein and Jessica Patrick and Dr. Mark Krekler

Ethan Klein and Jessica Patrick (both Oxford campus undergraduates) presenting their poster on an unusual granite associated with Gold ore at Round Mountain. Here Jessica and Ethan worked closely with Dr. Claire McLeod on mineralogy and age dating aspects of the project and Dr. Krekeler assisted with field work and logistics interacting with Round Mountain Gold Mine staff.