Clinical Placement

 A student looking down the throat of a sim patient.
A student looking in someones ear.
 A nursing student practicing using an IV
 A nursing student practicing on a patient.
A student checking a patients vitals.
The professor helping a student learn how to take a patients vitals.
A student taking a patients blood pressure.

The Department of Nursing at Miami University strives to ensure that each student has excellent clinical learning experiences. This becomes a challenging goal given today’s complex and competitive health care environment where clinical facilities must meet the needs of learners from a growing number of educational units. Therefore, each semester many factors will impact the locations, dates, and times of clinical course offerings. A few of those factors include availability of faculty, availability of locations/units within a location, and numbers of students.

In order to provide each student with the required learning opportunities, all students must remain flexible and be prepared for clinical placement in a variety of settings, at a variety of times. This preparation must entail the following:

  • Plans for transportation independently on clinical days to facilities;
  • Plans surrounding clinical travel that include the ability to travel up to 1 1/2 hours one-way to a clinical facility;
  • Flexibility to accommodate changes in clinical scheduling, even last minute changes;
  • Ability to be at a clinical agency on a variety of days, times of day, evenings or nights, and possible weekends, especially in NSG 464;
  • Willingness to adjust times/days of support or elective courses in order to attend assigned nursing classes.
  • All of our clinical agencies require us to have on file for each student certain medical information/documentation, proof of CPR certification, insurances, and criminal record checks. If these documents are not on file with the Department of Nursing by the required deadline, the student is NOT permitted to attend Clinical, and is considered absent without excuse.

The Department of Nursing reserves the right to adjust clinical schedules when necessary.