Testing Center

3 students sitting at computers in the testing center of the tutoring and learning center.


Updated Information:

Due to the COVID19 virus, our Miami campuses are closed at this time.

The TLC has remote Placement Testing available. 

Please complete the form below so that we make have a complete list of ALL New incoming, Transfer, and Current students requesting tests and we will contact you as soon as possible to schedule a test.

If you are a College Credit Plus (CCP) Applicant, there have been changes to the requirements for entrance to the program. Please contact CCPAdmisison@MiamiOH.edu for details. CCP students DO NOT complete the form.

Placement Test Request Form

New Incoming Student

A new incoming student is responsible for sending their ACT/SAT scores to Miami Regionals as part of the application process. Those who do not have scores must take the Placement Test. 

Transfer Student

Transfer students without math credit, or with math credit that does not exactly match a math course at Miami University, must take the Math Test. Also, reading and writing credits must match a course at Miami University or the student must take either the Reading or Writing Placement Test depending on which one or ones they need. This will be determined prior to scheduling the test.

Current Student

Current students may re-test a certain test one time per semester. Certain times a student may want to improve their ACT/SAT or test score.