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Updated Information:

Due to the COVID19 virus, our Miami campuses are closed at this time.

The Tutoring and Learning Centers have suspended placement testing. We are currently researching ways to proctor these tests remotely. As soon as we have more information on how we can provide these tests, we will contact you.

Please complete the form below so that we make have a complete list of ALL STUDENTS requesting tests and we will contact you as soon as possible.

 Thank you for your patience a this time.

ACCUPLACER Placement Test Request Form

New Incoming Student

A new incoming student is responsible for sending their ACT/SAT scores to Miami Regionals as part of the application process. Those who do not have scores must take the ACCUPLACER Placement Test. 

College Credit Plus (CCP) Student

College Credit Plus (CCP) students must submit ACT scores as part of the admission process.

Update: CCP students without ACT scores or with scores that do not meet the Ohio Department of Education remediation-free standards, may take the ACCUPLACER one time in order to show college readiness. If the ACCUPLACER scores do not show college readiness, then the only way to show college readiness for entrance into the CCP program is by ACT scores.

In order to schedule an ACCUPLACER Placement Test, the potential CCP student must have applied to Miami Regionals University and submitted their Transcripts and their Signature Page. Then, they must receive a UniqueID from the University. This ID must be given before scheduling the placement test.

Potential CCP students will generally be given the Writing and Reading Placements tests. Unless they have sent ACT or SAT scores in to the Miami University Regionals in which one of those categories meet the remediation free standard. The math placement test will not be given until the potential student has successfully tested into the CCP Program. 

The ACCUPLACER Placement Test scores will be given to the student immediately after the test, along with a form that outlines the Department of Education's remediation free standards. The Certified Test Proctors are unable to give any information regarding the scores. At this time, the Math Placement Test may be scheduled if the student or parent shows the student has successfully tested into the program. ALL CCP students must take the CALC. ACCUPLACER Placement Test to show mediation free regardless of what courses the CCP student wishes to take.


Learn more about CCP.

Transfer Student

Transfer students without math credit, or with math credit that does not exactly match a math course at Miami University, must take the ACCUPLACER Math Test. Also, reading and writing credits must match a course at Miami University or the student must take either the Reading or Writing Placement Test depending on which one or ones they need. This will be determined prior to scheduling the test.

Current Student

Current students may re-test a certain ACCUPLACER Test one time per semester. Certain times a student may want to improve their ACT/SAT or ACCUPLACER score.