Transferring Credits

Text reads Your Transfer Path with a photo of students walking towards The Hamilton quad.

We know there are a number of reasons students consider transferring from their current college or university. We also know you might have concerns about transferring current course work, meeting program prerequisites, managing timelines, and more. We want to help make the process seamless.

If you would like someone to evaluate your transfer credits and let you know how they will fit into a degree at Miami Regionals, you can email an unofficial copy of your transcripts to and an advisor will provide you with an evaluation of your transfer credits.


Transferology is a free, online database that lists estimated course equivalencies for most Ohio institutions and a wide range of out-of-state institutions. If your school/course is not listed on Transferology it does not mean your credit will not transfer. It simply means an official evaluation will need to be completed by the Office of Transfer Credit Evaluation upon admission to Miami University.

Articulation and Transfer Agreements

Articulation agreements outline the transfer of student credits between academic institutions. If you don't see your institution listed, it does not mean we will not accept your transfer credit. It just means we have not yet established an agreement with that institution. We are always looking to build new partnerships and agreements!

For more information about transferring credit to Miami University, visit the One Stop for Student Success or email