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2020 Associate in Applied Science: Criminal Justice

62 Credit Hours Beginning Fall 2020, Catalog Year 2021

Review your Degree Audit frequently to make sure your progress to complete your degree requirements is on track.

Regular advising throughout your academic career will help ensure timely completion of all requirements.

The Miami University Bulletin provides guidance on academic policies, program requirements, and course descriptions.

First Year, Semester 1
Course Name Hours
ENG 111 English Composition 3
CJS 101 Intro to Criminal Justice Studies 3
CJS 271 Criminal Behavior 3
MPF IIA Creative Arts 3
MPF IV Natural Sciences 3-4
Total Semester Credit Hours 15-16
First Year, Semester 2
Course Name Hours
CJS 125 Law and the Courts 3
CJS 211 Policing in America 3
MPF IIB Humanities 3
MPF III Global Perspectives 3
ELECTIVE - recommended MPF IV Natural Science 3-4
Total Semester Credit Hours 15-16
Second Year, Semester 1
Course Name Hours
CJS 231 Law and Individual Rights 3
CJS 281 Corrections 3
ELECTIVE - recommended MPF-AW Advanced Writing/EGS 215 Workplace Writing 3
ELECTIVE - recommended MPF-IP Intercultural Perspectives/POL142 American Politics & Diversity 4
ELECTIVE Elective 3
Total Semester Credit Hours 16
Second Year, Semester 2
Course Name Hours
CJS 220 Criminal Justice Field Experience 3
ELECTIVE recommend CJS 272 Forensic & Crime Scene Evidence 3
ELECTIVE rcommend CJS 232 Criminal Defense and Adjudication 3-4
MPF V Math, Formal Reasoning & Technology, recommended STA 261 Statistics 3-5
ELECTIVE Elective 3
Total Semester Credit Hours 15-18

Students intending to pursue the Miami B.S. in Criminal Justice or other bachelor degrees should consult with their CJS advisor to maximize progress towards the Criminal Justice bachelor degree while completing the associate degree.

Please note this is a guideline only; your DAR is the official program record.

Abbreviation Key

  • MP-EL = Experiential Learning
  • MPF I = English Composition
  • MPF IIC = Social Science
  • MPF V = Mathematics, Formal Reasoning, Technology
  • MPT = Thematic Sequence
  • MP-AW = Advanced Writing
  • MPF = Global Miami Plan Foundation
  • MPF IIB = Humanities
  • MPF IV = Natural Science
  • MP-IP = Intercultural Perspectives
  • MPF IIA = Creative Arts
  • MPF III = Global Perspectives
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Department of Justice and Community Studies

Hamilton Campus
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