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LLW Academics

Our student-centered classes will deepen students’ intercultural understanding through the study of diverse languages and texts. The major and minor programs can be completed entirely at Miami Regionals.

Minor Programs

English Studies Minor

The English Studies minor provides you with the opportunity to use your elective hours to strengthen their degree or enhance your career opportunities through classes that develop your critical reading, thinking, and writing skills. Note: the minor is not open to majors in English Studies, Creative Writing, Professional Writing, Literature, and Linguistics.

English Literature Minor

The English Literature minor allows you to study what you love—and prepares you for the work that you will love! In dynamic discussion-based classes, you will analyze and discuss the forms of cultural expression that matter to you most: poems, novels, comics, plays, and films. In courses with award-winning faculty, you will be challenged, provoked, and inspired. The minor in Literature is excellent preparation for diverse careers in an ever-changing job market.

Minor in Creative Writing

The Creative Writing minor combines a joyfully intensive writing practice with critical thinking skills developed through the analysis and interpretation of literary texts. You will develop fluent communication skills, learn to interpret complex information, and enhance your creative flexibility and inventiveness. Explore the intersections between creative and critical practice through your own fiction, creative nonfiction, poetics, screenwriting, graphic narratives, and digital literature.

Film Studies Minor

The Film Studies minor features courses that treat film as a major art form or that use film as a specific and unique analytical device in the study of different aspects of society and culture, including literature, history, the arts, and nationality. This interdepartmental minor gives you the opportunity to explore the interaction between film, culture, and society in interdisciplinary course work.

Thematic Sequences

For students who enrolled at Miami prior to fall 2023.

Following are Thematic Sequences available in the Department of Languages, Literatures, and Writing:

  • EGS 1 - Writing for Diverse Contexts
  • ENG 2 - Women and Literature
  • ENG 3 - American Life and Culture Since World War II
  • ENG 4 - Film in Popular Culture
  • ENG 8 - African American History and Literature

Multidisciplinary Courses

The Languages, Literatures, and Writing Department also supports many Oxford-based majors, minors, and thematic sequences. Although you can't fully complete these at the Regionals, you can take advantage of the flexibility, convenience, and affordability of our many course offerings.

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