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MPS Student Work and Special Events

The Department of Mathematical and Physical sciences offers students many opportunities to work with faculty on research projects and participate in outreach activities.

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Chemistry student conducting research.

Undergraduate Research Success

What does student success look like at Miami Regionals?

  • 19 presentations at professional meetings
  • 1 published research paper
  • 3 research papers nearing completion
  • 2 University Summer Scholar awards
  • 1 Student Scholar Symposium winner
  • 2.5 years of internships
  • Multiple graduate school offers

We can’t wait to see what the future holds for our students!

Student research supported by a $333,703 National Science Foundation grant to Drs. Mark Krekeler (Miami Regionals) and Claire McLeod (Oxford Campus).

Students work on a chemistry project during career day 2019.

Chemistry Education and Career Day

Since 2016 Miami Regionals' Middletown campus has hosted our annual "Chemistry Education & Career Day." Over 80 high school students and faculty join us for a day of hands-on chemistry experiments followed by lunch featuring several speakers with Miami connections.

Each student completes two experiments including the synthesis of indigo dye, electroplating iron nails, UV-VIS spectrophotometric analysis, making water from its elements, and investigating the delicious chemistry of food. During lunch, several Miami chemistry alums talked with the students about their professional careers and educational experiences.

The event is sponsored by grants from the American Chemical Society and Pearson Education, along with support from many offices from Miami Regionals.

Three students research in lab.

2020 Research Presentations at the Geological Society of America Meeting

Our undergraduate students presented their research at the annual North Central Section of the Geological Society of America Meeting on May 18 & 19, 2020. The research was supported by research grants to Drs. Mark Krekeler (Regionals) and Claire McLeod (Oxford).

Congratulations to the following students for their virtual presentations:

  • Carter Lindeman
  • Claudia Dawson
  • Traister Oglesbee
  • Mireille Fouh Mbindi
  • Jared Brum
  • Lonnie Flett
  • Lauren Doepke
  • Ethan Klein
  • Jessica Patrick
  • Zoey Siebert
Trevor Lambert and Dr. Krekeler stand in front of Trevor's geology poster presentation.

2019 Geological Society of America Annual Meeting

Dr. Mark Krekeler had 17 presentations at the annual meeting from September 22-25, 2019 in Phoenix, Arizona - the second highest number at this national meeting.

Collectively these presentations involved:

  • 8 Miami Regionals Students
  • 5 Miami Oxford Students
  • 1 Miami Regionals Staff Member (Debbie Fackey)
  • 2 Former Miami Regionals Technicians (Michelle Burke and Caleb Chappell)
  • 2 Ph.D. students from other institutions (University of Pennsylvania and Vanderbilt University)
  • Dr. Claire McLeod at the Oxford campus who is the Project Lead on a $330,000 NSF grant with Dr. Krekeler which supported attendance of approximately half of these students.

Miami Regionals student Claudia Dawson gave a great talk – a significant achievement for an undergraduate student at a national meeting. Team work was a major theme of the group as many students and technicians were involved on multiple presentations totaling 37 examples of student and staff authorship, excluding faculty.

Geology Events

Geology undergrads pose for a photo.Geology students within the Department of Mathematical and Physical Sciences are extremely active in the university and wider communities. Following are a few outreach opportunities:

  • Geofair
  • GIS Outreach
  • Presentations and Displays Within the University
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Meena Bansal and Abby Brown stand in front of their research project poster.

Meena Bansal and Abby Brown Undergraduate Research

Mosler Hall

Department of Mathematical and Physical Sciences

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