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Students in the Department of Nursing are eligible for Miami University Regional Campus and Department of Nursing scholarships annually.

Regional Campus Scholarships

The REGIONAL CAMPUS scholarship awards are made possible through the generous support of donors to Miami University. These awards vary from $100 to $5,000. Awards are made at the discretion of the regional Campus Scholarship committee based on the availability of funds. Please consult Financial Aid for details.

Department of Nursing Scholarships

The DEPARTMENT OF NURSING scholarship awards are made possible through the generous support of donors and Nursing Alumni. These awards vary based on the availability of funds and are awarded at the discretion of the Department of Nursing Scholarship committee. Students enrolled in Nursing course work will receive email notification of the online application process during spring semester.

Student Organizations

The Nursing Department believes that student representation and participation is an important student right, and that this voice should have an important impact upon the activity within the Department. Students are encouraged to participate in the Nursing Student Association, the Dean’s Student Advisory Council, or other University organizations.

Miami University Regionals Association of Men in Nursing (MURAMN)

The Miami University Regionals Association of Men in Nursing is a group that is focused on the integration of males into the nursing profession  This can only be accomplished through a joint effort of male and female nurses to find the common ground on important nursing issues.  Another focus is the recruitment of males and other underrepresented groups into the nursing profession.  We combine service to the university and the nursing department, with recreational events that allow the members to be more than just students in a classroom, but become friends and a strong network for building the future of nursing.

Student Advisory Council (SAC)

The Student Advisory Council consists of volunteer Nursing students within the program.  It's goal is to be a formal intermediary platform for direct communication between students and faculty related to curriculum, admissions, and progression in the Miami Nursing program.

Student Nurses Association (SNA)

The Student Nurses Association is organized to foster an understanding of the nursing program and to stimulate and encourage professional behavior of members. Membership is open to all students interested in nursing. It’s goal is to promote fellowship and mentoring of future and current nursing students and to promote health and service on campus and in the local community.
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