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How-To: Scheduling, Starting, and Sharing Zoom Meetings in Canvas
Learn how to schedule, share, and start meetings in Zoom for your Miami courses through its integration with Canvas.
Canvas Rubrics Make Grading Easier and More Effective
Rubrics make grading easier and more consistent. Canvas enables instructors to create clickable rubrics that also make grading in Canvas faster. This article will cover what rubrics are, why they matter, and provide resources for how-to create rubrics in Canvas.
How-To: Create Assignment Templates or Worksheets in Canvas with Google Drive Cloud Assignments
Learn how to distribute templates and worksheets directly to students by creating Google Drive Cloud Assignments in your Canvas course site.
How-To: Create Collaborative Group Assignments in Canvas with Google Drive
Learn how to add Collaborations in your Canvas course site using an integration with Google Drive.
My Miami. My Future. My Way: Chad Depew
Two babies. Two degrees. Two years. Miami Regionals Student Picks Up the Pace with Online Graduate Courses: In just two years, Chad DePew accomplished what would take most people three times as much time. The catalyst? The ability to take courses online and fast-track his education.
My Miami. My Future. My Way: Kelly Starr
Miami Regionals Student Kelly Starr Finds Drive in Online Courses and on the Road: Even in an online course, Kelly Starr makes an impression. Because of her work schedule and family commitments, Kelly was looking for flexibility in earning her degree. That's when she found out about the online programs at Miami Regionals.
My Miami. My Future. My Way: Kim Marcum
Miami Regionals Nursing Student Finds Meaning In and Out of the Classroom: Around 20 years ago, Kim graduated from Miami Regionals (Miami Hamilton at the time) with her associate degree in nursing. Seventeen years into her career, she knew it was time to return for her bachelor's degree in order to continue advancing in her field. It was then that she learned about Miami Regionals online options.
My Miami. My Future. My Way: Phyllis Willis
At Age 50, Miami Regionals Student Finds Path To Success Through E-Campus. She started out on a traditional path, graduating from high school, and heading straight to college. That path took an unexpected turn when she became pregnant with her first child. Phyllis took time out to get married and raise two daughters. Twenty-nine years later, she has two daughters with three degrees between them.
E-Fellows in Focus - Dr. Barbara Oswald
Barbara Oswald, PhD shares her research and experience as part of the E-Campus Fellowship program. Throughout her fellowship, Dr. Oswald developed and disseminated as a peer-reviewed teaching resource on the Society for Teaching of Psychology website a set of 15 authentic assessments to use in an online Introduction to Biopsychology or Neuroscience course.