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How-To: Extend Time on Assignments in Canvas
Have you received a Faculty Notification Letter about a student accommodation that requires extra time on timed assignments? Get step-by-step instructions for extending time on assignments in Canvas here.
How-To: Repair Broken Navigation Buttons on Your Canvas Course Homepage
Occasionally, the course navigation links in your Canvas courses are broken. This guide will show you how to repair them so that students can easily navigate your courses.
How-To: Updating or Repairing File Links in Canvas
You may find it necessary to update or repair file links within your Canvas courses. This guide will show you how.
How-To: Repair Broken URL Links in Canvas
Occasionally, the hyperlinks in your Canvas courses can become broken. This guide will show you how to repair them so that students can easily navigate through your course content.
How-To: Publish Your Course in Canvas
You've gotten your course ready for students in Canvas. Now what? You'll have to publish your course in Canvas before students can see your content. Find out how.
How-To: Add Requirements to Modules in Canvas
Add requirements to modules in Canvas like date restrictions, requiring students to view or mark a page as done, completing in sequential order, etc.
What Changes Can Course Instructors Make to Their Courses?
Curious about what changes you can make to a course you teach, but did not create? We have the answers!
How-To: Add Announcements to Your Course Home Page in Canvas
Find out how to add announcements to your Canvas home page so that students always see the most important information about your course.
How-To: Adjust Due Dates Using Canvas Calendar
Learn how to quickly drag and drop assignments on the calendar to change due dates in Canvas.