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E-Fellows in Focus - Dr. Tracey Hoffman
Tracey Hoffman, PhD shares her research and experience as part of the E-Campus Fellowship program. Throughout her fellowship, Dr. Hoffman researched student perceptions of social presence in online courses within MUR's Prekindergarten Associate degree program.
Which Video Conferencing Tool Should I Use?
Not sure which video conferencing or recording tool is best for your online class? Learn our recommendations for which tool to use in different online learning scenarios.
How-To: Extend Canvas Course Access For Students Who Are Working To Resolve An "Incomplete" Grade
When assigning an Incomplete, the instructor should explicitly communicate what the student will need to do in order to have their IU grade removed and changed to a passing grade by defining the course completion requirements and expectations (preferably in writing with acknowledgment by the student). This article explores the step-by-step instructions for extending Canvas Course Access for students.
How-To: Organize Canvas with Modules
“Modules” is the Canvas tool that enables you to organize and control the flow of your course material. Canvas modules offer a way to organize your course content in an intuitive way. Lecture materials, learning activities, and assessments like Quizzes, Assignments, and Discussions, can all be sorted into what Canvas refers to as "Modules."
Remote Delivery Teaching Resources: Summer 2020
You may already have a system in place or some things that worked well from Spring semester, but if you are looking for ways to streamline or enhance your course(s), E-Campus is here to help. E-Campus Remote Delivery resources are designed specifically for faculty preparing their traditionally on-campus, face-to-face courses for remote delivery.
Five Tips for Remote Teaching
This article covers the 5 essential tips for ensuring continued learning and overall student success within your courses. These topics were selected based on our research into remote delivery best-practices, as well as our empirical E-Campus led research into end-of-term student evaluation feedback for our previously developed E-Campus online courses.
Translating Face-to-face Activities to Online
If you haven't taught an online course before, it may seem like it’s impossible to move some of your class activities online. But there are a number of ways you can “translate” your face-to-face learning activities into a virtual environment using Canvas and the other tools available to you as a Miami instructor. This article explores lectures, learning activities, and assessments in the online classroom through specific examples that your colleagues have implemented in their Canvas course sites.
Using Quizzes in Canvas
Regardless of what you call the assessment on your syllabus (check, quiz, survey, chapter exam, final exam, etc.), use “Quizzes” to create assessments with individual questions with points in Canvas.
How-To: Set Up Weighted Grades in Canvas Gradebook
To set up weighted grades in Canvas, you'll need to create what are called “Assignment Groups.” This guide will walk you through that process step by step.