Miami University Regionals launches microcredentialing program

Written by Mary Dillon, Marketing & Communications

Miami Regionals E-Campus Microcredentials Miami University Regionals New Bold Initiative Learn a new skill set critical thinking, communication or problem solving. Quick steps to your success

People interested in augmenting their skillset with an emerging educational need will now have a convenient way to do it, thanks to Miami University Regionals.

Microcredentials are like mini degrees that allow students to “dip their toe” into higher education while advancing their experience in a particular skill, said Kristine Smith, microcredential program manager with Miami Regionals E-Campus.

“Microcredentials provide options to obtain market-driven credentials with an eye toward making students more employable in less time than a traditional degree program,” said Smith. “With a focus on working adults, convenience is top priority. Learning can be accomplished online, in-person or through hybrid courses customized to meet the needs of the student or organization.”

Three microcredentials—customer service, writing for the workplace and writing for diverse contexts—are currently being offered, with several more in development.

With an eye toward developing industry-driven skills like critical thinking, communication and service orientation, the customer service microcredential will focus on aspects of quality customer service, differentiation between internal and external customers, insight into basic marketing strategies and using data to inform customer service and marketing practices.

Students who earn a microcredential in writing for the workplace develop skills in writing for multiple audiences, analyzing communication practices, using critical reading and presenting complex information in multiple media. Transferable skills gained include, communication (written and verbal), critical thinking, reading comprehension and active listening.

Writing for diverse contexts will strengthen existing skills in critical reading and writing; teach students to produce documents for diverse, multicultural audiences; and how to present complex information in multiple media. Upon completion students will demonstrate skill in communication, creative problem solving, collaboration, textual analysis and inquiry.

In order to participate, interested students must first apply to Miami University Regionals at “Once accepted into Miami, a separate program application will be sent to the student to determine which microcredential they are seeking,” said Smith, “and once approved they will be added to our credentialing network.”

Smith noted that while there is no deadline for the microcredential program application, it cannot be completed until the student is accepted into Miami.

“The microcredential program application can be completed at any time for current students, but courses run on the University term schedule,” Smith said. “Students can only enroll in courses once registration has opened and courses are available.”

The general application deadline for fall 2020 is August 1 and January 5 for spring 2021.

Employers and organizations interested in learning how the microcredential program can be tailored to impact the specific skills of their organization can email Smith at or complete the form on the website.