Student Health Insurance

Enroll by August 1, 2022

Full-time Miami University Regional students can enroll in health insurance from Aetna.

Starting July 1, 2022: Access the student health insurance site to enroll, or learn more (opens in new window and links to an external vendor). 

Note: The services of the Student Health Service are available to all students registered for classes. However, if you do not use the student health insurance, you should call your insurance company to verify that Miami University with Tri-Health is a covered provider.

International Students

Miami University requires all international students registered at Miami University to enroll in the Miami-sponsored insurance plan each academic year. 

Pathways Students

Miami University Regionals allows Pathway Students to enroll in health insurance. 

2022-2023 Student Health Plan Information

For the 2022-2023 school year, Aetna is the provider of Student Health Insurance for Miami University Regionals. The Miami-sponsored student health insurance plan includes nationwide coverage through Aetna's extensive national network of providers, as well as worldwide medical assistance.  

The student insurance plan covers preventative care, hospitalizations, surgery, emergency care, prescriptions, and major medical benefits for treatment received to the extent specified in the policy. The policy year is August 1, 2022 to July 31, 2023.

As you investigate insurance coverage, please check to see if the Student Health Service is listed as an in-network provider. You can also look to see if our providers are listed as in-network individually. A list of providers can be found at Meet the Clinicians

2022-2023 Student Health Plan Cost

The Fall semester cost will be $902 and the Spring semester cost will include $1,249 for the balance of the premium. 

Dependent Enrollment and Cost

If needed, you can enroll additional dependents (spouse, child, or children) through the Aetna portal. Enrollment and payment are made directly to Aetna, and the cost for dependents is:

  • Spouse is an additional $2,151.00
  • One child is $2,151.00
  • Two or more children are $4,302.00