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Schedule an Appointment with Career Services

Career Services and Professional Development offers in-person appointments at both Middletown and Hamilton. Additionally, you may request to meet virtually with a staff member.

Handshake Instructions

  1. Once you’ve signed in, click Career Center, then choose Appointments.
  2. Select any appointment type that begins with Regionals to meet with someone from the Regional Career Services team. NOTE: You will have to scroll past the Oxford options to see a list of Regionals options. 
  3. Choose either the Hamilton or Middletown campus for your appointment.
  4. Select an appointment date and time that works for your schedule.
  5. If requesting a virtual appointment, click the Appointment Medium dropdown menu and choose phone call or video call. Otherwise, the appointment will be in person.
  6. Click the green Request button to finish scheduling an appointment.

Career Services and Professional Development

Hamilton Campus Rentschler Hall 120
Middletown Campus Johnston Hall 105