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The Regional Office of Student Activities & Orientation (ROSA) serves as a resource for the 40+ student organizations on the regional campuses. ROSA Student Ambassadors and professional staff members are available to help with:


The Hub is a website that is owned by Miami University that all student organizations use to promote their organization and events.

Leadership Training Sessions

Through the HUB, student organizations can request a series of leadership training sessions to be run by a ROSA team member. These topics include personal leadership, title-based leadership, values-based leadership, leadership through transition, team leadership, or design-your-own. These sessions usually take about 30 minutes and include an activity and debrief.

Student Organization Officer Training's (SOOT)

SOOT is a series that aims to develop the leadership skills of student organization executive officers, however, they are open to all. These session topics range from how to complete Regional Red Brick Rewards to how to better communicate as a student leader to how to view the Code of Love & Honor through a student org lens.

Regional Red Brick Rewards (RBR)

Regional Red Brick Rewards (RBR) is a new rewards program for student organizations (orgs) to help them reach their full potential. The program is a collaborative effort between the Regional Student Government (RSG) and the Regional Office of Student Activities & Orientation (ROSA). Student organizations will have different requirements to reach the different tiers of rewards.

Student Organization Registration

In order to be a recognized student organization on campus, it is necessary to register. To do so, please visit one of these two links:

Event Planning Resources

The Regional Office of Student Activities & Orientation (ROSA) is here to help you plan your next event: big or small! Stop by our office!

Regional Office of Student Activities and Orientation

Hamilton Campus, Schwarm 120 and 122
Middletown Campus, Johnston Hall 129