MiamiRISE 2020 Dashboard and Updates

2020 Dashboard and Updates

Miami University’s core values have endured through generations. Our new strategic plan, called MiamiRISE, anchors our community in those values and blazes a trail forward. It is bold and brave, driving transformational change to guide Miami through unprecedented volatility in higher education. More than 600 members of our diverse Miami community engaged in the plan’s development. Join them as we RISE to the moment.

Measuring Our Progress

Annual External Research Funds Received

Current: $26.9m

Baseline (2019): $24.1m

Trend: trending up

Number of Grant Proposals Submitted

Current: 377

Baseline (2019): 377

Trend: trending up

Number of National Fellowship Recipients

Current: 29

Baseline (2020): 29

Trend: trending up

Number of Graduate Students

Current: 2471

Baseline (2020): 2471

Trend: trending up

MiamiRISE Milestones

Miami is accomplishing the proposed initiatives in the strategic plan

  • Honors College created and launched, Fall 2021
  • Global Miami Plan revised into new Miami Global Plan and to be piloted beginning 2022
  • Reorganization of OARS into Office of Research and Innovation
  • Faculty incentives for research in place
  • Revision of academic divisional structure completed
  • Curriculum review (undergraduate and graduate) completed and curricular action plans underway
  • Oxford E-Learning unit rebranded into Miami Online with new focus on selective online programs
  • New graduate and microcredential programs
  • Student Life-Academic Affairs collaboration on new annual theme-based FOCUS program implemented
  • Strategic enrollment plan created
  • Strategic marketing plan created

Research, Scholarship & Artistry

Alicia Knoedler portrait
  • Miami reached an all-time high of $26.9M in funded research in 2019-2020, a 12% increase compared to the year before. 
  • Alicia Knoedler (pictured) is Miami’s first-ever vice president of research and innovation.

Read the Strategic Plan   Download/print the handout


  • Starting in fall 2021, Miami’s new Honors College will offer a one-of-a-kind experience for the nation’s top students.
  • In an initiative called "FOCUS," Miami will build each academic year around a unifying subject. In fall 2021-2022, the Humanities Center will coordinate a yearlong array of lectures, readings, films, courses, community projects, and co-curricular events around Race and Racial Equality.
  • New academic programs approved in the past two years include:
    • Bachelor’s and master’s programs in business analytics
    • Master’s program in business management
    • New undergraduate major in real estate
    • New majors relating to robotics
  • Miami also is planning two new academic buildings: a clinical health sciences building and a data science building. The clinical health building will be home to a new physician associate master's program.

Student Success

  • Graduation rates at all of Miami’s campuses continue to improve, reaching an all-time high of 72.9% in Oxford.
  • Miami is implementing a new model for academic advising and student success, including a “total intake” system led by professional staff advisors charged with building a relationship with their advisees across the undergraduate experience.


Nellie Craig sitting for a class photo
  • Moving quickly to implement the recommendations of the President’s Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Task Force, Miami has launched a Diversity, Equity & Inclusion fund now at $1.275M and named Nellie Craig Walker Hall (formerly the Campus Avenue Building) after Miami’s first Black graduate. Miami’s fourth round of Boldly Creative, the academic innovation fund, is focusing on DEI initiatives. This round will fund such initiatives as a new diversity-related center, Center for KICKGLASS Change and a new study abroad initiatives focused on diversity and inclusion outcomes.
  • Miami will coordinate all community engagement, advocacy, and business development initiatives through the new office of advancing strategy, partnerships, institutional relations, and economy (ASPIRE), led by Randi Thomas.