Lei Kerr is inventor on Miami's newest patent
Small enough to fit into a suitcase, the device mimics human breathing and helps determine the toxicity of the smallest particles that enter the nasal cavity, particularly the olfactory region. The research could provide more realistic predictions for drug screening and other potential commercial uses, Kerr said.
Miami receives 5th Beckman Institutional Award for undergraduate research
"We are incredibly proud to be among a select group of schools to have received this award five times," Rick Page, associate professor of chemistry and biochemistry, said.
First online Undergraduate Research Forum feedback: "Fantastic"
"I, along with many others, appreciate the opportunity to still be able to share and celebrate our research even though we are not on campus," one student commented.
Graduate student places in Three Minute Thesis competition
The goal of 3MTĀ® is simple: effectively present your research in a way that individuals outside of your discipline would understand, all in three minutes.
The Humanities Center presents Laptop Lectures
Pepper Stetler, associate professor of art history and associate director of the Humanities Center at Miami University, recently organized the Laptop Lectures series to keep people engaged in the humanities during this pandemic.
Miami University researchers collaborate with PsyBio Therapeutics
Miami University and PsyBio Therapeutics Inc. are collaborating to develop a new and exciting class of molecules to treat mental health challenges such as depression, anxiety, PTSD, and substance dependency.
Dr. Lei Kerr loans machinery to local hospital
In March, the hospital began to reach out to the university, asking for any materials, like gloves, masks or lab coats, that could be donated. Following the outreach, Dr. Kerr and her colleagues began to think of ways they could help.
Miami research team helps search for possible treatments for antibiotic-resistant secondary infections common with COVID-19
Three Miami University professors are leading a research team to find potential drug compounds to fight antibiotic-resistant secondary infections common with COVID-19. One of their key tools? Machine learning, an application of artificial intelligence.
Two Miami University researchers receive NSF RAPID grant to develop coronavirus-attacking materials
Two Miami University researchers in protein and polymer chemistry received a RAPID grant from the NSF for a project that will address the spread of novel coronavirus.