All students must follow the Miami University Student Code of Conduct when using University facilities; violations include, but are not limited to: vandalism, threatening behavior, unauthorized use of computing resources, violation of copyright laws, misuse of a Miami ID, etc.


The Center is open daily (when the University is open) from 7a-5p. Between 5p-11p, the Center is only accessible to Oxford students registered as a commuter student with their Miami ID Card. The Center is closed when Armstrong Student Center is closed for breaks/holidays and during the summer term.


The Commuter Center offers free lockers to all students. You can request access and use a lock provided by the Commuter Assistants. Students can use the locker for the entire semester and can re-check out a locker for each semester they are enrolled in school.

  • You must use a combination lock provided by the Commuter Center. When you pick up your combination lock, you will also indicate to the staff members which locker number you’ll be using.

  • Locker space must be kept clean and sanitary at all times. Any violations will result in the locker being cleaned out and a cleaning fee assessed as appropriate.

  • The only food items acceptable in the storage space are unopened, pre-packaged, non-perishable items.

  • The Commuter Center is not responsible for items lost, damaged, or stolen from the space.

  • For security purposes, keep the locker closed and locked when not in use.

  • If you do not request to keep your locker from fall to spring semester, the Commuter Center reserves the right to empty the storage space and dispose of its contents during winter term.

  • You may keep your locker from fall to spring semester by letting staff know (via e-mail) that you will continue to use the locker. No lockers will be kept over the summer term.

  • If you do not clean out your locker and return the lock by the summer deadline, the Commuter Center reserves the right to empty the storage space and dispose of its contents over the summer and you will be responsible for a $25 fee for lock cut and removal.

  • You may not store illegal items or anything against university policy in the storage space.


Conversations should be kept at an appropriate level. Wear headphones when watching shows or listening to music.


All personal belongings must be removed or stored in a locker, and trash appropriately disposed of, before leaving the room each day. All food utensils and condiments should be returned to the appropriate Miami Dining venue from which they came. A large hallway trashcan is located near the center across from Armstrong Student Center 2061.

Lost and Found

All unattended or lost items will be placed in the lost and found box.