Peffer Park

students walking through a creek

Once a pastureland and farm, this 80-acre plot was purchased as two parcels in 1955 and 1966 by Miami University. Later, Fred C. Yager generously donated money to Miami University in order to develop a park on this land south of campus along Highway 27. Yager stipulated that the park was to be developed in memory of his nephew, G. Maurice Peffer. William Amos and Dorothy R. Amos contributed funds for the park's development as well.

A small portion of the land is a recreational park. The balance is maintained as a natural area to promote outdoor recreation, education, and research in the natural sciences. Common activities include hiking, snow skiing and bird watching.

A unique program is conducted by Miami University's Outdoor Pursuit Center. This outdoor experiential program allows groups and individuals the opportunity to participate in a series of activities involving mental, physical, and emotional risk taking in a controlled setting. It consists of an aesthetically designed series of ropes, cables, and logs combined in such a way as to simulate challenges that might be found in a natural setting. Safety and cooperation, as well as individual achievement, are essential to the program. Learn more about the Challenge Course, and other Team Building Activities.