If you will not be able to live in your house or apartment for the entire duration of the lease (e.g. a semester of study abroad or internship in another state), you may have the option to find another student to "sublet" your room and take over the payments while you are away.

Subleases are very common in Oxford, but it's always a good idea to consult your lease and talk to your landlord or apartment manager to make sure it's okay and find out how the process works. 

Some landlords require that you remain on the lease, while others may remove you from the lease and start an entirely new lease with the individual that sublets your place. Some landlords may require the person that sublets your place to pay a security deposit, while others may not. Some will also charge a fee. 

Find a Sublease Tenant or a Room to Rent


If you are the original tenant on a signed lease and are looking for someone to sublease your house or apartment unit in Oxford, you can post a sublet listing on the Off Campus Housing website. Follow these directions to post your sublet: 

  1. Sign up for a Student account at The sign up process will ask you to login with your Unique ID and password. 
  2. Once logged in, go to My Account (top right corner).
  3. Choose Add a new Listing in the center of the page.
  4. Walk through the steps to add information about your sublet listing, choosing Save and Continue as you go through each page. 
  5. When you get to the Specifics section, select the checkbox that your listing is a sublet listing and continue through the rest of the steps to post your listing.
  6. Once you have finished filling out the information about your listing, you should select Activate Listing to turn on your listing. 
  7. You can edit/turn off your listing at any time by logging into your account, going to My Account and then choosing Manage/Edit current listing.


If you are looking to find a place to live as a sublease tenant, please visit and select the Search option. Select Sublet to see all of the sublet options. Additional filters can be selected (e.g. Fall sublet, Spring sublet, etc.) through the Filter section. Note that all of the sublease listing have a blue shaded background.