Good neighbor policy

Noise, Litter, Nuisance Party and Outdoor Furniture citations off-campus are handled through a three step intervention process on campus. Visit our Good Neighbor Policy page for a full rundown on the protocol.

Pet Ownership

bulldog on brick paved street

While pet ownership can promote responsibility, companionship, and mental health, please be absolutely certain that you are ready for the responsibility of raising a pet (and that your landlord is okay with it) before bringing one to your off-campus residence. Every year around breaks and move-out, Oxford residents notice a spike of abandoned pets in outlying areas, creating an undue burden for local community members.

Please visit the Pet Ownership page for more considerations and resources.

Change Your Local Address

House icons with text that reads Off Campus Students, Make sure to update your local off-campus address each year!

When you move off campus, you must update your local address with Miami University so that we can communicate appropriate information to you. Instructions for updating your address can be found on the One Stop Personal Information page.