Housing Search

Deciding where to live when you move off-campus is a very important decision - take your time! Many students feel pressured by peers or rental agencies to rush into lease signing because of a lack of available housing options in Oxford. There are, in fact, plenty of available houses and units available. 

Start your search by determining your priorities. Is it more important for you to have a quick walk to campus or would you rather have a lower rent and ride the bus to classes? Do you prefer the amenities and convenience of an apartment complex or the location and aesthetics of a local rental house? We'll help you get started in determining these questions and more at Considering Options.

Off-Campus Listing Service

Many local listings are available through the external off-campus housing service, offered by Off Campus Partners, LLC. This web-based service provides users with a searchable database to find off-campus housing in the Miami University area. It also includes educational components designed to help students prepare for their transition off campus and prepare to be good citizens of the Oxford community. 

Off-Campus Housing Listing Service

The user-friendly site includes a fully searchable database that Miami University renters and buyers will use to find off-campus housing. Additionally, students can create their own listings for finding sublease tenants, and search roommate profiles if they are looking for roommates.

Please note that listings on the site are not endorsed or guaranteed by Miami University. You are solely responsible for your choice of landlord and rental unit. The site is maintained by Off Campus Partners, LLC (OCP) and the listing of rental units on this site is a free service to the Miami community. Listings are created and provided by local landlords, and neither Miami University nor OCP are able to verify the accuracy of information contained in listings.

Miami University and OCP do not guarantee the fairness or accuracy of information posted on the site by third parties. The fact that a property is listed on this web site does not mean Miami University or OCP has investigated, endorses or approves the landlord, its properties or business practices. It also is not a warranty or guarantee by Miami University or OCP that the property complies with building, safety or fire codes, or that it is clean or safe or otherwise suitable for your use.

Before signing a lease you are responsible to learn about the property, about your landlord and about the landlord’s property manager. You are also responsible for understanding your rights and responsibilities as a tenant and should thoroughly review and understand any lease or other agreement before signing. Miami University and OCP are not responsible for any problems that may occur with your rental unit or any disputes that may arise between you and your landlord. All prospective tenants are encouraged exercise common sense and good judgment when evaluating prospective rental units and landlords.

Accessibility Statement

Students who anticipate or experience a disability related barrier to accessing the off campus housing website should contact Student Disability Services at sds@miamioh.edu, 513-529-1541 or 7-1-1 (TTY-TDD) to request reasonable accommodation.

Off-Campus Housing Fairs

The Office of Off-Campus Outreach teams up with Associated Student Government to host a Fall and Spring Off-Campus Housing Fair. Local landlords, property managers, and leasing agents come to represent available off-campus houses and apartment units to interested students. The Off-Campus Housing Fair is an excellent opportunity to learn a bit about the various agencies and landlords in the area, as well as what is available in the market. Please direct questions about the fair to kenniccd@miamioh.edu.

Please note, Miami University does not endorse any property owner, management company, or leasing agent.