Terms of Employment

As a member of the unclassified staff, this appointment is subject to successfully passing a background check and you are expected to comply with applicable rules, regulations, and procedures of Miami University (many are included in the Miami University Policy and Information Manual), directives as promulgated by the President and official actions of the Board of Trustees, as now in effect or hereafter implemented or amended. This appointment is conditioned upon full compliance therewith.  Area Coordinators, Resident Directors and Graduate Assistants are required to reside in their assigned on-campus apartment throughout the term of their appointment. The apartment is made available for the benefit of the University to provide facility oversight and student access to professional staff.

The University reserves the right to modify during the term of this appointment the economic terms and conditions of employment, including, but not limited to financial terms, the modification of certain employment benefits and/or increasing employee cost sharing.

Your supervisor will assign the responsibilities associated with your appointment, and assist you in identifying the support services available to you.

Staff appointments may be terminated during the term of the appointment for cause or for economic reasons. Cause includes, but is not limited to, failure to satisfactorily perform assigned duties and associated responsibilities; violation of University rules, regulations and/or policies; violation of written directives of the President and/or Board of Trustees; violation of professional ethics; and, commission of an illegal act. Economic reasons include budget constraints, lack of work, reorganization and reasons of efficiency.


In addition to your salary, the University provides benefits for full-time employees. The University reserves the right to modify or change the contributions to its benefit programs. The University pays employer retirement contributions and withholds from your salary on a pre-tax basis employee retirement contributions. These monies are paid to either the applicable state retirement program (e.g., STRS or OPERS) or, for those eligible employees who made the election, to the Alternative Retirement Plan.