Residential Communities

Miami University's Office of Residence Life offers a variety of residential community types and experiences for students that are intended to complement the academic mission of the university. Our goal is to further support students in their success at Miami. We have researched many different types of communities and realize the benefit of offering a variety of choices for students as they enter the University and continue their residential experience at Miami. Students can choose which community type best meets their wants and needs for their residential experience. When completing their Housing Contract, first-year students will submit a request for two community options. Upper class students also have a variety of unique communities to choose from to enhance their residential experience. While many rising upper class students will sign up for a room during the Spring semester housing lottery, there are a number of unique communities offered for continuing or second-year students. More information about each community can be found under the community options tab.

Living Learning Community (LLC)

A Living Learning Community (LLC) is a group of students who live together on a corridor or in a residence hall that is closely tied to an academic major, university program, or initiative. Through partnerships with a variety of departments, faculty, and staff, students will have access to activities that tie directly into the theme of their LLC. In an LLC, students will be co-enrolled into one or more classes, which further support their transition and academic success at Miami University. Programming will be closely aligned with the community theme and often include faculty and staff partners, to assist in community building, academic success, cultural competency, and intrapersonal development. A few communities include both first- and second-year students to allow for mentoring among residents.

Studies have shown that students who live in living learning communities are more involved in programs on and off campus and perform better academically than students who do not live in living learning communities. Living learning communities provide students the opportunity to engage one-on-one with faculty and staff and create a supportive environment that involves new students in the life of their institution. Additionally, students have increased opportunities to do the following:

  • Develop a network of friends
  • Improve grades
  • Graduate at higher rates than students who are not part of an LLC
  • Meet people who have similar goals
  • Participate in social activities related to academic majors
  • Find help and encouragement through peer networks

Each of our communities (with the exception of Student-Created Communities) is built around a specific field of study or area of interest and are structured so students have a high degree of involvement in its formation.

Affinity Communities

An Affinity Community is a group of residents who share similar life experiences or a common bond or background. Affinity Communities allow students to choose to live with peers who share some type of social identity, thus allowing for greater peer and staff support. Residence Life coordinates communities for students who are: Out of State, Miami Firsts (first generation college students), Transfer students, and ROTC/Veterans.