Information for Faculty

Faculty members and Instructors choose Supplemental Instruction (SI) because the proactive program is designed to help students refine necessary cognitive and applied study skills to earn better grades. SI targets “high attrition” courses not “high risk” students.

Faculty members and Instructors who participate in the SI program enjoy students who are better informed about classroom topics and who earn higher grades. Participating SI faculty and instructors work closely with the SI Leaders and the SI Coordinator to ensure the effectiveness of SI sessions. SI faculty and instructors meet regularly with the SI Leaders to review course content and develop session strategies.

Faculty members can expect support from the SI Coordinator in the Rinella Learning Center office.

The SI Coordinator will administer the following tasks:

  • Interview and hire SI leader candidates based on the recommendation and approval from faculty.
  • Reserve classrooms for SI sessions and exam review sessions.
  • Monitor SI sessions and supervise SI Leaders
  • Compile statistical data and produce SI Summary Reports at the end of the semester
  • Administer overall evaluation of SI through SI Evaluation, SI Faculty Evaluation and SI Leader Self-Evaluation.
  • Provide feedback through end of the semester reports to faculty and SI leaders about the effectiveness of the program.
  • Serve as a liaison between faculty and SI leaders.
  • Communicate with SI leaders periodically through email announcements.

SI Faculty will be expected to:

  • Occasionally, provide time at the beginning of class for the SI leader to give announcements about the SI program and SI sessions
  • Help coach SI leaders in the course content that is most critical for students to understand.
  • Communicate weekly with SI leaders to help guide the structure of the SI sessions.
  • Promote the SI program by encouraging students to attend SI sessions.
  • List SI leader's name and email on course website, course CANVAS page, and/or course syllabus.
  • Pass along any materials to SI leaders that would aid him/her in conducting his/her individual review sessions when possible.
  • If requested, provide a list of students' grades to Kevin Carr, Coordinator of the Supplemental Instruction program, in order to review basic SI versus non-SI performance statistics.
  • Complete the SI Faculty Evaluation at the end of each term.
  • Allow SI leaders to administer the SI Student Evaluation at the end of the semester.

Identification of potential SI Leaders:

Faculty and instructors are an important component for the identification, selection and hiring process of new SI leaders every semester. Courses have the greatest chance of offering SI support when a student is identified as a potential candidate in the preceding semester. Faculty recommendations are our most important and valuable source of applicants and we prefer candidates who are recommended by faculty.

If faculty/instructor requests a SI leader for the course and a potential candidate has not been identified, the SI Coordinator will select prospective candidates from the course roster from the most recent course taught by the faculty/instructor.

The potential SI leaders should meet the following requirements:

  • SI leaders must have a minimum 3.0 GPA in the courses they hold SI sessions for and maintain a 2.76 cumulative GPA.
  • Interest in the following areas:
    • Helping students
    • Reviewing course information
    • Developing communication and interpersonal skills
    • Working closely with a Miami University faculty member or instructor
    • Holding a unique leadership position on campus

If you would like to have SI offered in your course or have questions regarding SI, please contact Kevin Carr at 513-529-8741 or