Preparing for Tutoring Appointments

Preparing for tutoring sessions requires significant work on the part of the student as well as the tutor. If you are seeking a tutor, prepare to get the most out of your session by following these tips:

  • Check your mic/video capabilities on your computer prior to your session. While it’s possible to attend zoom sessions on a tablet or phone, using a PC or Mac is most suitable. While you should be able to use any browser, Chrome appears to be the most compatible for online tutoring sessions.
  • Minimize possible distractions. During your session, it’s important that your focus and attention are on the appointment. Try to find a quiet environment without distractions or background noise.
  • Locate the zoom link for your tutoring session on the homepage of TutorTrac approximately 15 minutes prior to your appointment time. Know what you want to cover. Bring pertinent texts, notes, assignments and--most of all--your questions. The more specific your purpose, the more on target a tutor can be.
  • Attend all class sessions. Your notes from class are the best resource on course content and determining exactly how your instructor is prioritizing the information.
  • Complete all assigned reading prior to the tutoring appointment. This will give you the necessary foundation to talk about the material with your tutor.
  • Attempt the homework questions or assignment before you meet with your tutor. This will help you identify the specific areas you need help with.
  • Create a plan for how you want to spend the time in your tutoring session. If you take control of the session format you will likely receive the assistance you want more quickly than if your tutor sets the agenda.
  • If you did not already set up weekly/recurring appointments for your session, please inform your tutor if you would like to make your session a weekly occurrence. Regular review is the key to understanding course information.