Advisor's Job Description

All student organizations are required to list their advisor's name on the roster of the Hub. Advisors must be a full-time Miami University faculty, staff or graduate student, who have a high interest level in the purpose of the organization. Advisors are encouraged to be actively involved in all affairs of the organizations. Some of the advisor's expectations are listed below.

  • Meet with student officers at least once a month
  • Attend periodic meetings and activities
  • Review and approve registration, budgets, travel plans, constitutions and other forms
  • Help ensure the activities of the organization reflects favorably on the university
  • Provide historical background and serve as a point of reference
  • Support participation for its contribution to educational and personal development
  • Assist members in balancing their extra-curricular activities
  • Intervene in high-risk situations and challenge student decision-making when necessary
  • Participate in the mandatory reporting of crimes for statistical and timely warning requirements of the Jeanne Clery Campus Security Act
  • Complete educational programs on hazing awareness, prevention and intervention provided through EduRisk

Other involvement as an advisor may include the following: 

  • Advise with regards to fundraising, sponsorship and spending
  • Assist in transitioning new officers and developing leadership skills of all members
  • Provide input into the recruitment, selection, and evaluation of members and officers
  • Be aware that you may be consulted about personal concerns and are under no obligation in these instances

Advisor's Liabilities

An advisor agrees to operate as a good faith ambassador for Miami University. Advisors agree to abide by all policies governing student organizations and are encouraged to attend educational opportunities offered by the university to promote further development. Advisors acting within the course and scope of the responsibilities of their position are protected against individual liability. For more information regarding employee liability, see the General Counsel's website.

The Cliff Alexander Office of Fraternity and Sorority Life has additional expectations for fraternity and sorority advisors.

All fraternities and sororities are required to have a campus advisor who serves as a faculty or staff member at Miami University, along side the organization's chapter advisor. One of the main roles for the advisor is to promote and support academic success within the organization. The duties and responsibilities of the advisor include, but are not limited to, the following functions: 

  • Assist the chapter in developing an overall scholarship program
  • Be available to meet with the new members each semester to review their academic progress and plans at Miami University
  • Assist with developing any scholarship recognition program for the chapter
  • Assist the chapter in developing an academic incentives program
  • Attend any scholarship receptions the chapter hosts
  • Be available to meet with individual members who are in need of academic assistance
  • Attend two chapter meetings/dinners each semester to get to know the members and the members to get to know the faculty advisor
  • Attend chapter advisory board meetings at least once a semester

Expectations for Club Sports Advisors include the following:

Advisors agree to operate as good faith ambassadors for the Club Sports program and, when applicable, agree to cooperate and share information with similar sport clubs. Advisors agree to abide by all policies of the Club Sports Program. Any failure to comply may be grounds for revocation of status with the club. If travel is part of the agreement, it should be noted in the constitution. Club Sports advisors are expected to attend periodic practices, activities and competitions. For additional information, visit the Club Sports website.