Supporting a Sick Student

Being sick is inconvenient, a hassle, a bump in life’s journey and just plain no fun. Since life goes on – at a break-neck pace in college – knowing a few resources can help keep participation possible.

If your ill student normally walks to class, have them consider taking the bus. The Butler County Regional Transit Authority provides many routes in Oxford and the regional campuses. 

Under normal circumstances, the Student Health Service does not give class excuses. This policy is communicated to the professors at the start of the fall semester. If a student would like proof of an appointment, he/she can request a copy of their appointment history from the office staff. Class attendance is an issue between a student and their professor.

The Office of the Dean of Students can send faculty notifications for students who experience hospitalization or a death in the immediate family. In all other circumstances (illness, family/personal emergency, attending funeral services, etc.), the student should notify their faculty of their circumstances and trust that their faculty will work with them.

On occasion, the entire schedule at the Student Health Service is booked for the day. If symptoms are not medically critical, we offer to schedule the student for the next business day. True emergencies need to be seen at the local hospital, McCullough-Hyde Memorial Hospital. Students should call 911.

If your student is confined to their room/bed due to illness and they have a meal plan, they can make arrangements to have a friend pick up a meal

For any services we are unable to provide – dentistry, ophthalmology, allergy shots – we will put your student in touch with a professional.

Most often, after a short time, college students bounce back to their normal selves. It is a manageable time in their lives and we appreciate your ability to support them as they navigate new experiences.

Please direct any questions to