Bystander Education (Step Up)

Step Up! is based on a national program adopted by more than 120 colleges and universities nationwide. It has demonstrated success in helping students feel empowered to act and giving them a specific process and resources to intervene in a safe, early, effective way in situations that could endanger the health and safety of others. Many Miami students have shared powerful stories about using what they’ve learned in earlier training sessions to help someone. Many Greek student organizations and athletes have completed the Step Up! training, with requests now coming in from other students organizations and classes to present Step Up!

What's next?

The long term plan is that all students will receive bystander training; meanwhile, it is available upon request.


The goals of Step Up! are to:

  • Raise awareness of helping behaviors
  • Increase motivation to help
  • Develop skills and confidence when responding to problems or concerns
  • Ensure the safety and well-being of self and others

We educate Miamians to "SEE RED in 3D"

"SEE RED in 3D" is a way to remember the strategies learned in the Step Up program.

  • Safe responding, Early intervention, and Effective helping (SEE)
  • Recognize, Evaluate, Determine (RED)
  • Direct, Distract, or Delegate (3 D's)

Step Up! training teaches you what signs to look for to know when to “Step Up” to help yourself, your friends and fellow Miamians who appear to be suffering from depression or sexual/physical abuse and/or experiencing alcohol poisoning or other issues where you become concerned about their health and welfare. 

Who Should I Call for Help?

(Police, Fire, Medical)

Miami University Police (Oxford):

Oxford City Police:

24-Hour Crisis Hotline (Rape, Domestic Violence, Stress, Mental Illness, etc.):
513-381-5610 or toll free 877-889-5610

Student Counseling Services (Business hours only):

Sexual Assault Response Coordinator (Business hours only):

BCRTA SafeRide:
513-785-5237 or toll-free 855-42-BCRTA  
(operates from 11 pm-3 am Mon–Sat and 11 pm-1 am Sun

Request Step Up! Bystander Intervention Training

Step Up Logo. Text: I Am Miami, I Step Up, Bystander Intervention

Learn how to effectively intervene in a variety of emergency situations. YOU are Miami, STEP UP and make the difference. If you are interested in training for you group or organization, submit your request to the HAWKS Peer Health Educators.