DUOS Awardees 2019-2020 announced

DUOS Awardees 2019-20 Announced

Congratuations to these eleven outstanding projects selected from nineteen highly competitive applications.

Department Undergraduate Student  Graduate Student Faculty Mentor DUOS Project Title
Biology Junfan Chen Georgios Tsissios Katia Del-rio Tsonis

In vivo imaging of newt lens regeneration: Novel insights in molecular, cellular and functional mechanisms

Biology Eric Bejarano Cameron Gardner Paul James

Characterization of the NHE10 and NHE11 Proteins in Mammalian Sperm

Biology Nina Ventura Kristen Krolick Haifei Shi

Alcohol Consumption-Induced Stress in Adolescent Rats

Microbiology Cole Pacini Christopher Chen Eileen Bridge Determining How Viral Proteins Regulate the DNA Damage Response
Microbiology Maegan Murphy Jenna DeLuca Timothy Wilson

Investigation of FCRL 1-Mediated B Cell Inhibitory Mechanism

Psychology Alexander Waldron Katherine Knauft Vrinda Kali

The influence of Simultaneous Stressors on Executive Control and Inflammation

Psychology Madison Hannapel Sydney Risley Elizabeth Kiel

Child inhibition, Error-related Negativity, and Kindergarten Adjustment: A proposed meditation model

Psychology Grant Bailey Brielle Johnson Jonathan Kunstman

Racial Biases in Judgments of Social Pain Shaped by Personal Stress Mindsets

Psychology Amelia Klass LaCount Togans Allen McConnell

The Impact of Dichotomous and Relativistic Thinking on Perceptions of Loneliness

Psychology Ben Klein Danielle Tapp Matthew McMurray

Determining the Cellular Effects of Seretonergic Modulation of Amphetamine

Psychology Kristen Schuh Elizabeth Sneddon Anna Radke

A Pharmacological Investigation of the Role of D1 and D2 Receptors in Compulsive-like Alcohol Drinking