Undergraduate Summer Scholars

Undergraduate Summer Scholars
Undergraduate Summer Scholars
 Undergraduate Summer Scholars
Undergraduate Summer Scholars
Undergraduate Summer Scholars
 Undergraduate Summer Scholars

Revision to USS 2023 Program Timeline Important Dates

April 13, 2023 ORU Coordinator will email Notification of Selection Letter to USS students and mentors.

April 23, 2023 Revised date for USS Students to fill in the USS acceptance form via Formstack link.[To be provided in the email].

Undergraduate Summer Scholars Program

The Office of Research for Undergraduates facilitates the Undergraduate Summer Scholars Program. The USS program's primary goals focus on student-centered learning through mentored research. This 9-week summer program aligns with Miami's focus on offering “active, engaged educational experiences for our undergraduates". Review the USS 2023 Program Guidelines on the ORU Website.

Review the USS 2023 Program Guidelines on the ORU Website. The individual student is responsible to find an eligible Miami faculty mentor(s) to jointly created the research project and the application. The USS student fellowship will be increased by a 600$ supplement bringing the amount to $3,200. Undergraduate Summer Scholar (USS) Supplement funds will be available in FY23, 24, and 25. 

An MS Word version of the USS Application form will be shared with department chairs and program directors. Questions? undergradresearch@miamioh.edu

USS 2023 Student Application must be submitted by 5:00pm Friday, February 24, 2023

This Miami summer research program is for fulltime Miami sophomores and juniors (defined as having earned 60 credit hours by end of spring term 2023) who will be returning as an undergraduate for at least one semester after completion of the USS project. The individual student must submit the application via email to the department chair or program director of the eligible Miami faculty member who agrees to supervise the student's conduct of the research project. Submission and Responsibility for a successful program will rest with the student scholar, the mentor(s) and the primary USS mentor's administrative unit (department or program).

Explore a few of the USS 2022 Student Stories from the College of Arts and Science News 
  • Gretchen Allman ‘23 joined the Undergraduate Summer Scholars program to pursue a topic centered in a region of heightened political conflict.

  • Alexandra Bagg ‘23 prepares for medical school through her analysis of the impacts that e-bikes have on older adults’ glucose levels.

  • Bunsi Chapadia '23 USS project gave her a new perspective on providing medical care to underserved populations.
  • Luke Croner ‘23, discusses the potentialities of using energy transference in cyanobacteria to combat climate change.

  • Kelly Horvath '22 double major in Architecture and French, is sharing her project on this website 16th Century French Literary Architects
  • Mary Le ‘24 helped develop and refine a model to understand economic effects of popular consumer platforms including Airbnb, Amazon, and Uber.

  • Jon Sciortino ‘23 works in Dr. Matthew McMurray’s lab to find a similar non-hallucinogenic compound that can alleviate symptoms faster and with less side effects.

  • Hannah Seinfeld ‘23 works to implement DEI initiatives within children’s educational apps for teachers and speech pathologists.

Contact Us About USS

Email undergradresearch@miamioh.edu 
to request the USS application form

Martha Weber, Coordinator, Office of Research for Undergraduates