Students cheering for the football team at Yager Stadium.

When people look at Miami University logos, they do not just see the logo. They see degrees and instructors, student organizations and club sports teams, storied traditions, a quintessential college campus, legendary coaches, and athletic events. To them, Miami University’s logos represent the sum of many cherished memories, events, experiences, and relationships associated with their beloved university.

How people – alumni, students, future students, faculty and staff, fans, donors, and the public at large – feel about Miami University directly relates to the University’s success. In a sense, the logo speaks on the University’s behalf without saying a word. It represents who we are and what we stand for. It is the visual representation of our reputation.

Therefore, it is vital to build and maintain a strong logo, a strong visual identity. To accomplish this, the logos must be used in a consistent way. They must appear the same in every instance. They must have the proper shades of RedHawk Red, be properly aligned and be in the proper proportions.

This standards laid out in the links below establish the rules for the University’s logos and additional identity marks, such as emblems, word marks, and photos. You will find what you need to know about using Miami University word marks, trademarks, and logos on products and merchandise. Proper and legal use of the logos protects the University’s image and distinguishes us from other institutions.

We appreciate your willingness to support, protect and advance the image of Miami University. If you need additional information regarding the use of Miami University’s brand on products and merchandise, visit Trademarks and Licensing or contact the Office of University Trademarks and Licensing at 513-529-8332.