Upham Hall

Front view of Upham Hall on a sunny spring day with flowers growing in the trees

Upham Hall is the home to many different departments at Miami University. They include anthropology, the Center for Environmental Education, the Scripps Gerontology Center, history, humanities center, Jewish studies, pre-law programs, sociology and gerontology, and statistics. In addition to being the home of these departments, this academic hall is the home to many professors offices and classrooms.

Miami Mergers

The Upham Hall arch with a gently glowing lantern hangin from the top, bright orange fall trees can be seen through the arch

According to the Miami legend, “if you kiss your true love under the Upham Hall Arch, you will marry and the bond will never be broken.” Miami Mergers is used to describe a marriage between two graduates. Recognizing these mergers, Miami sends a Valentine’s Day card every year they are married.

Ye Shall Know the Truth

Back entrance of Upham Hall which opens to a grassy courtyard

Ye shall know the truth...

Engraved over the arch in 1948, are the words of John 8:32: “Ye shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free." The arch was a midpoint between the two parts of campus. To the west of the arch was the campus that already existed, and to the east was the part of Miami’s campus not yet built.

Bishop Woods

Bishop Woods: An area of forest in the center of campus with sidewalks running through it

Originally a part of a larger wooded area known as the College Grove and then Lower Campus, today’s Bishop Woods includes the only natural, undeveloped area from the original campus. Several paths crisscross the forest and are heavily used by students, faculty, and staff.