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Catering Services and Menus

A la Carte


Al la Carte Beverages
Beverage Price
Bottled Fruit Juices (Orange, Apple, or Cranberry) $3.50 per bottle
Miami Grind Coffee, Regular and Decaffeinated $25.00
Orange Juice $17.00
Freshly Brewed Iced Tea $17.00
Fruit Infused Water $17.00
Hot Specialty Tea Assortment (15 tea bags/gallon) $25.00
Lemonade $17.00
Hot Chocolate $25.00
Apple Cider *Seasonal Item $17.00
Warm Apple Cider *Seasonal Item $25.00
Iced Water $5.00
Redhawk Bottled Water 16.9oz. $2.00 per bottle
Redhawk Bottled Water 16.9oz. - 12 Pack $18.00
Regular and Diet Soft Drinks 12oz. cans $2.00 each
Regular and Diet Soft Drinks 12oz. cans - 6 pack $9.00
Pelligrino Sparkling Water $3.00 each
Sparkling Citrus Punch (3 gallons) $51.00

Priced Per Gallon Unless Otherwise Noted

One gallon serves approximately:

  • Cold Beverages: 16 8oz. servings
  • Hot Beverages: 8-10 12oz. servings

Bakery Selections

Bakery Selections
Selection Price
Assorted Breakfast Breads $17.00
Assorted Breakfast Pastries $18.50
Classic Cookies: Sugar, Chocolate Chip, and Double Chocolate Chip $10.00
Assorted Muffins $20.00
Cinnamon Rolls with Icing $23.50
Assorted Danish $17.00
Chocolate Chip Brownies $17.50
Signature Logo Sugar Cookies: Miami 'M' or Redhawk $14.00
Jumbo Logo Sugar Cookies: Miami 'M' or Redhawk $18.50
Lemon Bars $17.50
Redhawk Bottled Water 16.9oz. - 12 Pack $18.00
Petite Croissants with Preserves and Butter $21.00
Red Velvet Shooters $25.00
Mini Fruit Tarts $28.00
Chocolate Raspberry Buttons $14.00
Pumpkin Buttons $14.00
Scrumption Chocolate Filled Cookies $20.00
Scones - Blueberry or Chocolate Chip $18.50

Priced Per Dozen Unless Otherwise Noted

Dips, Snacks, and Extras

Dips, Snacks, and Extras
Food Category Food Item Price
Pizza 16" Extra Large Pizza - Cheese, Pepperoni, or Veggie $15.00/pizza
Snacks and Munchies Potato Chips $8.00
Pretzels $8.00
Miami Trail Mix - Pretzels, Goldfish Crackers, Chex Mix, Craisins, and Mini Chocolate Chips $10.00
Savory Trail Mix - Ranch Crackers, Chex Mix, Popcorn, and Goldfish Crackers $10.00
Soft Pretzels with Warm Cheese Sauce and Mustard $25.00 per dozen
Corn Tortilla Chips $8.00
Popcorn $8.00
Dips and Sauces French Onion Dip $12.00
Ranch Dip $9.00
Guacamole $18.00
Nacho Cheese Sauce $11.00
Salsa $9.00
Other Good Things Assorted Individual Fruit Yogurts $3.00 each
Chocolate Dipped Strawberries $18.00 per dozen
Domestic Cheese and Cracker Tray with Fruit Garnish $3.00
Fresh Seasonal Fruit Salad $4.00
Imported Cheese and Crackers Tray with Fruit Garnish $8.00
Vegetable Tray with Garden Ranch Dip $3.00
Fresh Fruit Tray with Marshmallow Dip $4.00
Whole Fresh Fruit $1.75 each

Refreshment Theme Breaks

<>(Minimum of 25 Guests)</>

If requested for a smaller group, you will be charged for a minimum of 25 guests or $100 whichever is less. 

A la Carte Options
Package Name Package Details Price
A Chocolate Moment
  • Double Fudge Brownies, Chocolate Chip, and Double Chocolate Chip Cookies
  • Assorted Chocolate Candy Bars
  • Hot Chocolate with Whipped Cream and Chocolate Shavings
  • Assorted Soft Drinks, Coffee, Decaffeinated Coffee, and Specialty Teas
La Fiesta
  • Crisp Tortilla Chips with Chili con Queso
    • Toppings:
      • Scallions
      • Diced Tomatoes
      • Jalapenos Peppers
      • Sour Cream
      • Salsa
      • Guacamole
  • Assorted Soft Drinks and RedHawk Bottled Water
  • Add Taco Meat for $3.50 per person
The Health Club
  • Domestic Cheese Tray with Crackers
  • Fresh Seasonal Fruit with Marshmallow Dip
  • Vegetable Tray with Garden Ranch Dip
  • Assorted Diet Soft Drinks and RedHawk Bottled Water
  • Assorted Hot Herbal Teas
The Snack Attack
  • Assorted Chips
  • Cookies & Brownies
  • Trail Mix
  • Assorted Soft Drinks and RedHawk Bottled Water
Yogurt Parfait Bar
  • Build Your Own Parfait with a Variety of Yogurts
  • Granola
  • Seasonal Fruits Served with Banana Bread Croutons
  • Assorted Bottled Juice and RedHawk Bottled Water
$16.00/$12.00 per person


Bar Packages are available for groups of 50+ only.

Alcohol Service

Standard Package - $12.50 per person

House Wines, Standard Beers, Soft Drinks

Wines—Chardonnay, Pinot Grigio, Blush, Merlot, Pinot Noir, Cabernet

Beers—Budweiser, Bud Light, Yuengling, Yuengling Light, Miller Light

Premium Package - $16.50 per person

Upgraded Wine and Premium Beer Selections, Soft Drinks

Wines—Chardonnay, Pinot Grigio, White Blend, Blush, Merlot, Pinot Noir, Cabernet, Red Blend

Beers—Sam Adams Seasonal, Heineken, Stella, Blue Moon, Magic Hat, Redbridge, Bass

Spirits Add-on - $6.50 per person

Can be added to any package.

Standard Spirits—Absolut, Bacardi, Tanqueray, Jose Cuervo, Seagram's 7, Captain Morgan, Jack Daniels, Jim Beam 

Premium Spirits—Grey Goose, Bombay Sapphire, 1800 Tequila, Maker's Mark, Crown Royal, Chivas, Jameson

Chips and pretzels are complimentary on each bar with the purchase of a standard or premium bar package. An event without a bar package and without any other food service is required to purchase chips and pretzels at each bar.

Cash Bar

A fee of $75 will be charged for payment handling arrangements.

Host Bar requires no additional fees.


At least one bartender is required for any cash or host bar at $25 per bartender per hour with a minimum of three hours. One hour of set up and one hour for clean-up will be added in addition to service time.

Required bartenders:

  • Up to 50 guests - 1 bartender
  • 50 - 125 guests - 2 bartenders
  • 125 - 200 guests - 3 bartenders
  • 200+ guests require an additional bartender for every 50 additional guests

We reserve the right to ultimately determine staffing levels.

Table-side Wine Service

A labor charge may be assessed for table-side service if no additional bar service is offered.

If an additional bar is available with continuous bar service during table-side service, you may incur an additional staffing fee.