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Our Services

As the sole provider of catering services at Miami University, we have the experience and knowledge to handle planning your event from large-scale gatherings to intimate dinners. Our award-winning chefs trained at some of the finest culinary schools in the world and have designed menu options sure to dazzle! We offer full-service catering and drop-off catering services that can meet your event needs. Whether your event needs full service, or simply drop-off service, we have a menu for you!

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Drop-Off Catering

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Full Service Catering

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Commencement Catering

Nut-Free Catering

Miami University is a "nut-friendly" campus. This means that we do not actively use nuts in our recipes. We also do not purchase commercial products that contain a "may contain [nuts]" statement. However, we do carry products that contain a "produced in the same facility as [nuts]" and/or "processed on shared equipment with [nuts]" statement. These items are coded on our menus with an allergen icon that resembles a factory. We do carry sealed nut products in our convenience stores and our "nut friendly" initiatives do not apply to any Starbucks location.

Food Truck Requests

Interested in a more unique catering choice for your upcoming event? Request to bring your food truck to campus!

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Booking Guidelines

Catering Booking Guidelines

  • Full-service Staffed Events: At Least 14 days in advance 
  • Custom Menu Requests At Least 14 days in advance
  • Set-up/Return On-site or Campus Deliveries: At Least 7 days in advance
  • Direct 2 You Delivery Orders: At Least 48 Hours in advance

Earlier reservations are preferred and welcome. Menu options can be viewed at or by contacting a planner at (513) 529-3770. If your Catering event is booked within the booking guidelines above, we will make every effort to accommodate the request; however, menu items  and service styles cannot be guaranteed pending availability of products and staffing requirements.

Exclusivity and Non-University Food Policy

Miami Catering and Miami University Student Dining are the exclusive providers and licensed food service providers for all campus Student Dining facilities, the Armstrong Student Center, Goggin Club Lounge Room, the Marcum Hotel & Conference Center, and the Shriver Center.

Event Count Guarantees

The guaranteed number of guests and exact counts for all enterée selections including all special dietary meal requests, must be communicated 5 business days prior to your scheduled event. We can accommodate requests for up to 3 entrees. Arrangements must be made prior to the event for color-coded place cards to designate your guests' entree selections. All entrees will be charged at the rate of the highest-priced entree. If a final guarantee is not received, the highest estimated attendance will be considered the final guarantee. If the number of guests increases less than 48 hours prior to the event, we cannot guarantee the same menu selections will be available for all guests. The number of guests billed at the conclusion of your event will be the guaranteed number of guests or the actual number of guests in attendance, whichever is greater. If the actual attendance of your event is higher than the event count guarantee, a 20% per person surcharge will apply and there will be a $100.00/table fee assessed for each additional table set during service time.

Allergens and Accommodations

Miami University is committed to being nut allergy-friendly and does not include peanuts and tree nuts in our recipes. However, we are not a nut-free campus and purchase commercial food products from companies that also produce nut products.

Commercial food producers are not required to provide information statements or notices regarding food that is produced with, on equipment shared with, and/or in the same facility with nuts. Any person with a nut allergy is strongly encouraged to contact our Registered Dietitian at 513-529-8362 to discuss dietary restrictions.

It is the responsibility of the event host to identify and communicate any dining accommodation requirements during the planning process. With advance planning, we are able to accommodate nearly any dining accommodation needs but we cannot guarantee requests made during the event due to the lack of availability of specific allergen/sensitivity-free food items or preparations. Specific information regarding the guests’ names and dietary requirements must be provided to Event Services a minimum of 5 business days in advance. Your planner will discuss with you the best way for the event staff to service the dining accommodation clients at the event with easily identifiable place cards.

Cancellation Policy

To avoid cancellation fees, event cancellations must be made at least 5 business days prior to an event.  

  • Events canceled on the fifth business day prior to the event will be assessed a surcharge equal to 25% of the total billing amount
  • Events canceled on the fourth business day to the day prior to the event will be assessed a surcharge equal to 50% of the total billing amount 
  • Events canceled the day of the event will be charged 100% of the full billing amount

Catering Requests

Hours of Operation

Miami Catering’s normal business hours are: 

  • Monday - Friday: 6:00 am - 10:00 pm
  • Saturday: 7:00 am - 10:00 pm 
  • Sunday: 7:00 am - 9:00 pm 

Any request for orders made outside of these operating hours is subject to a $75.00 surcharge.

Food Policy

Any remaining food from events served on-site in all Student Dining facilities, the Armstrong Student Center, Goggin Club Lounge Room, the Marcum Hotel & Conference Center, and the Shriver Center remains the property of Miami Catering. All food delivered as a Direct to You order will remain the property of the client.

Service Styles

Drop Off Delivery 

All food and beverages are served on disposable trays, platters, and containers with paper service for all utensils.

Items will be dropped off and set up by our catering staff and the client is responsible for all clean-up and disposal following the event and meeting rooms should be returned to their original condition.

Set-up/Return Delivery

All cold and room-temp food is served on disposable trays, platters, and containers with paper service for all utensils, and hot food is served in metal chafing dishes. Beverages are served in insulated cambros. All items will be dropped off and set up by our catering staff. Following the event at the agreed-upon pick-up time, staff will return to collect and remove all remaining food and equipment.

Full Service Staffed Event - Paper Service

Buffet-style service with all cold or room-temp food served on disposable trays and platters & containers and hot food served in metal chafing dishes. Beverages are served in insulated cambros and dispensers with ice bins and scoops. Individual beverages will be iced down and displayed in tubs. Linen tablecloth with disposable utensils, napkins, cups, and plates. All items will be set up, served, and cleaned up by Service Staff, present throughout the event.

Full Service Staffed Event - *China Service

*Available only for on-site events at the Shriver Center, Marcum Center, Armstrong Student Center, or the Goggin Club Lounge. If you would like china service for an off-site event or other campus location, you will need to work with your event planner to secure rental china for your event. Your planner will determine the quantities required and will arrange the rental, delivery & pick up for your event. Rental charges (determined according to vendor charges) include rental, delivery and pickup fees will be added to your final invoice. 

Served or Buffet

All cold or room-temperature food is served on glass or china platters and trays and hot food is served in metal chafing dishes with china, flatware, glassware, and linen tablecloths and napkins for food and dining tables.

Buffet meals will include a beverage station with drinks service in insulated cambros and dispensers with ice bins and scoops. Beverages are served tableside for all plated meals. All items will be set up, served, and cleaned up by Service Staff, present throughout the event.

Staff Policy

Staffing levels for most events are determined based on the style and complexity of the menu selections and event program or agenda. Additional staffing may be recommended or required to execute your event and additional staffing charges may apply. Drop-off events are delivered without staffing. 

Service Staff

Miami Catering reserves the right to determine appropriate staffing requirements for all events. Pricing is based on a 2-hour minimum service time and the following rates apply:

  • Carvers and Grill Chefs - $35.00/ hour for a minimum of two hours which includes set up, service, and tear down.
  • Additional Servers-$30.00/hour for a minimum of three hours which includes thirty minutes for set up, two hours for service, and thirty minutes for tear down.

Beverage Service

  • Bartenders will be charged at $150 for a four-hour minimum. Standard is one (1) bartender for approximately every 75-100  guests**. 
  • There is a $75 cash bar set-up fee.
  • Last call for bar service will be 45 minutes prior to the end of the event and bars will close 30 minutes prior to the end of the event.
  • Hosted Bar bill based on consumption.

** Miami Catering reserves the right to ultimately determine staffing levels.

Additional Services and Corresponding Fees


Prices quoted in the Miami Catering Guide do not include applicable state sales tax. All pricing, selection, and availability of menu items are based on current market conditions and are subject to change without notice. We reserve the right to adjust pricing based upon these conditions and will notify the client prior to the event if required.

Sales Tax

Tax-exempt and 501 3c Nonprofit organizations must provide a copy of their letter of exemption status prior to the event for waiver of Ohio state sales tax. All non-food items as well as alcohol and soda will be taxed in accordance with state laws.  

Holiday Service

Additional labor fees will be incurred for events scheduled on the following Federal Holidays: Martin Luther King Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, and Labor Day. The University is closed Thursday through Sunday on Thanksgiving Day weekend and the week between Christmas Day and New Year’s Day. 

Delayed or Extended Service

On the day of your event, if the agreed-upon beginning or ending service time of the meal changes by 30 minutes or more, an additional labor charge will apply.  Should your event require extended pre- or post-service or stand-by time greater than 30 minutes, the quality of the food items cannot be guaranteed as extended hold times affect the food quality and appearance. 

Linen Service

Miami Catering provides its house linens for all full-service functions.  Additional fees will apply for specialty linens or linens required for meeting functions.

Minimum Guest  Fees

For meals requested for groups smaller than the stated service minimums, you will be assessed an additional labor fee of $100.00 or be charged for the minimum number of guests, whichever is lower. 

  • Breakfast and Lunch Minimum #15 Guests
  • Dinner Minimum #25 Guests

Drop Off Orders 

Drop Off orders require a minimum order of $75.00.  Deliveries to off campus locations may receive a delivery fee that is based upon the location of event.

Alcohol on Campus

Legal and Responsible Use of Alcohol

(MUPIM 16.1.A)

The right to acquire, possess, and consume alcoholic beverages is limited by laws that establish minimum drinking ages, drinking and driving laws, and so on. Miami University also has established policies on alcohol use on campus and by campus groups. It is incumbent on students, faculty, and staff to become knowledgeable regarding these policies, whether for individual decision-making or for planning programs and events for a department or organization, including student organizations.

On-Campus Consumption of Alcoholic Beverages – Compliance with Law

(MUPIM 16.1.B)

All on-campus possession and consumption of alcoholic beverages must be conducted in accordance with Ohio law and University policy regarding the possession, sale, and consumption of alcohol. Specifically:

  1. Individuals under the age of twenty-one (21) may not purchase, possess, or consume beer, wine, or intoxicating liquor. It is also against the law for any person to furnish beer, wine, or intoxicating liquor to any person under twenty-one (21) years of age.
  2. No person shall have in his or her possession any open container of beer, wine, or intoxicating liquor in any public place except where the alcoholic beverage has been lawfully purchased for consumption on the premises of the holder of the appropriate permit from the State Department of Liquor Control.
  3. Only beer and wine (no intoxicating liquor) may be served at on-campus events to which students are invited. Exceptions must be approved, in writing, by the Senior Vice President for Finance and Business Services.

Alcohol Guidelines for Faculty and Staff

(MUPIM 16.1.C)

Alcohol at University Sponsored Events – On-Campus

When a department, institute, center, or other University office invites students to a University gathering/event held on campus, the following guidelines apply:

  1. Events Held in Licensed University Facilities (Armstrong Student Center, Shriver Center, Marcum Conference Center, Goggin Ice Arena, Yager Stadium, and Millett Assembly Hall)
    1. Alcohol may only be provided through the facility and must be dispensed by TiPS-trained bartenders.
    2. Only those 21 and older may consume alcohol.
    3. The event must also include nonalcoholic beverages as an alternative to alcohol and hors d’oeuvres must be served.
    4. If the event is scheduled to last longer than two (2) hours, a meal must be provided, and the bar closed at least one-half hour before the event ends.
    5. If a flat fee for attendance is charged (e.g., a ticket is  $35 ), the cost of the alcoholic drinks must be borne by individual consumers (e.g., cash bar) and may not be included in the fee.
    6. Alcohol may only be charged to an unrestricted gift account and cannot be charged to a departmental account or student organization account.
    7. University faculty and staff may not purchase alcohol for students.
  2. Events Held in Other University Facilities:
    1. Alcohol must be purchased from the University and may not be “carried in” by faculty or staff. Alcohol must be dispensed by TiPS trained bartenders provided by University catering.
    2. Only those 21 and older may consume alcohol.
    3. No admission fee may be charged and no alcohol may be sold (e.g. no cash bars);
    4. The hosting department must also provide nonalcoholic beverages as an alternative to alcohol and non-salty snacks must be served.
    5. Events may not be scheduled to last longer than 90 minutes.
    6. Alcohol may only be charged to an unrestricted gift account and cannot be charged to a departmental account or student organization account.
    7. The approval of the Senior Vice President for Finance and Business Services is required. Please submit request via the Form for Request For Alcohol Events Held At Other Facilities.

** If the required Request for Alcohol Service Form has not been submitted and pre-approved by the Senior Vice President for Finance and Business Services prior to the event date, alcohol service is prohibited **