Living Learning Community

Governmental Relations Network

Discover ways to have meaningful and immediate involvement in local, state, and federal government. In conjunction with the Office of Institutional Relations, this interdisciplinary community exposes students to a variety of career and volunteer opportunities in areas related to government. Through mentoring and focused experiences, students who live in this community will examine how an individual can impact government and how government can impact an individual both inside and outside of the classroom.

Examples of programming activities include the following:

  • Networking with individuals who not only work in the field of government (local, state and federal), but also work in the private sector and interact with government institutions (urban planners, journalist, university administrators)
  • Mentoring program that exposes community members to internship opportunities, graduate school possibilities, and career options
  • Annual visits to the U.S. Capitol, the Ohio State House, and other relevant government sites

Required Course (1 credit hour)

EDL 110: The University and the Student
Helps students understand how the university operates and how its resources can be used to develop their educational goals. Taught in residence halls in seminar style; designed to help develop personal relationships among students and instructor.