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Student Referrals and the Role of SDS

If you encounter a student who discloses that she or he has a disability, you should inquire whether they have met with a staff member in the SDS office; and if not, you should encourage them to do so. You should not seek to make arrangements on your own to accommodate student disabilities. If a student requests a disability-related accommodation, please refer him or her immediately to SDS, and document your referral. It is both the responsibility of the student and the faculty member to engage in a good-faith interaction, along with the SDS Office, in order to cooperate for development of a reasonable accommodation.

In order to foster an inclusive classroom experience and to ensure services, students are encouraged to self-disclose their need for accommodations to their instructor or the SDS support staff as soon as a need for an accommodation is evident. Obviously, faculty are not required or expected to accommodate a disability that they are not informed or made aware of, nor are they required to waive essential requirements of the course, as discussed below.

It may be appropriate, at times, for the instructor, student, and disability support staff to engage in a dialogue about accommodations, particularly if the instructor believes that the accommodations being recommended are a fundamental alteration of the course.

Office Contact Information

Student Disability Services



304 Shriver Center

(513) 529-1541 (V/TTY)
(513) 529-8595 (Fax)


120 Rentschler Hall
Hamilton Campus

(513) 785-3211
(513) 785-3127 (Fax)


14A Johnston Hall
Middletown Campus

(513) 727-3312
(513) 727-3426 (Fax)

After the SDS Office receives and reviews the student’s documentation, an email will be sent to the student’s Miami University email, to confirm the approval status and next steps. This process usually takes 7-10 business days.

Information and records received by SDS are held in strict confidence, and the SDS staff follows the guidelines set forth by the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 (FERPA). Under FERPA students have the right to control their educational records to others and inspect and review their educational records. Access may be granted by the student through the myMiami portal. When requesting letters of accommodation students are asked if parents have been granted FERPA permissions, and if SDS staff have permission to discuss general education needs with parents/guardians, as well as with their instructors.