Miami Canvas Rollout

Canvas migration timeline.

What is Canvas?

Canvas is a learning management system (LMS) created and managed by Instructure, Inc. With over 800 colleges, universities, and school districts currently using it, Canvas is a robust product with partnerships linking it to many significant tools and sources of content. Canvas’ current partners include a variety of tools that Miami faculty already use like Atomic Learning, Chalk & Wire, Turnitin, and Turning Technologies, as well as content from Harvard Business Publishing, Khan Academy, NBC Learn, MIT Open Course, NY Times, TED Ed, USA Today, and many others.

Current Status

Approximately 15 online and hybrid courses on the Oxford and Regional campuses are being taught this semester, testing the use of Canvas at Miami. Each instructor of a test course has participated in training on Canvas and is working with an instructional designer who guides the process and provides support.  The eLearning Offices are monitoring the faculty and student experience to inform how Miami Canvas will be configured for broader use.

Project Timeline

Fall 2014

  • Test Phase 1: Approximately 15 online and hybrid courses selected by eLearning Offices in Oxford and on the Regionals are being supported in Canvas.
  • Selection, training, and development for courses to be offered in winter or spring 2015.

Winter/Spring 2015

  • Test Phase 2: Thirty to forty online and hybrid courses will be supported in Canvas.
  • Training and development for summer courses.

Summer 2015*

  • Implementation 1: To be decided, but best case, all remaining online and hybrid courses are taught in Canvas and face to face courses may use Canvas, if the instructor chooses.
  • Training and development for fall courses.

Fall 2015*

  • Full Release for online and hybrid courses. Face to face courses may use Canvas, if the instructor chooses.

Spring 2016

  • Evaluation of Niihka/Sakai and decision on future use/availability.

* Each of these dates is subject to change based on pilot phase outcomes