Miami University Merit Scholarships - Fall 2017

three students walking on campus with their backs to the viewer

Miami University is pleased to offer merit scholarships to academically accomplished first-year, full-time undergraduate students who enroll on the Oxford campus for Fall 2017. The application for admission is used to determine merit scholarship eligibility — no additional form is required. Priority consideration will be given to students completing all application requirements by December 1, 2016. 

Fall 2017 Merit Scholarships
Test Score*
ACT; Old SAT (CR+M);
High School GPA** High School Curriculum† Resident Scholarship Range‡ Non-Resident Scholarship Range‡
ACT: 33+
Old SAT: 1440+
New SAT: 1480+
3.50+ Rigorous Coursework $30,000–$60,000
(half to full tuition per year)
(half to full tuition per year)
ACT: 30-32
Old SAT: 1330–1430
New SAT: 1390–1470
3.50+ Rigorous Coursework $20,000–$44,000
($5,000–$11,000 per year)
($7,000–$17,000 per year)
ACT: 27-29
Old SAT: 1210–1320
New SAT: 1280–1380
3.50+ Rigorous Coursework Up to $28,000
(up to $7,000 per year)
Up to $44,000
(up to $11,000 per year)

Miami University merit scholarships are highly competitive and, thus, not guaranteed. Applicants not meeting the above criteria will be considered for a full range of merit and need-based scholarships ranging up to full tuition annually. Scholarships and award amounts may be determined by additional factors including diversity, audition, portfolio, intended area of interest, and athletic ability.

Scholarship offers and award amounts will be determined by a holistic review of the application for admission and thorough evaluation of academic indicators, including (but not limited to) rigor of coursework, high school GPA, and standardized test scores. Award determination will be based on the official testing and high school transcript information submitted to Miami University at the time of application.

* Test Score: No preference is given for ACT or SAT; Miami superscores, using the highest test scores submitted for admission and scholarship consideration. For ACT, the highest scores for each subtest from different exams will determine a combined highest composite score. For Old SAT, the best Critical Reading (CR) and Math (M) subscores will be used to calculate a maximum single score; for New SAT, the best Evidence-Based Reading and Writing (ERW) and Math (M) subscores will be used to calculate a maximum single score.

Please note: For Fall 2017 merit scholarship ranges, New SAT scores have been concorded with Old SAT scores. Old SAT refers to the SAT examination administered through January 2016; New SAT refers to the examination administered March 2016 and after. Miami does not superscore across the Old SAT and New SAT exams.

** High School GPA: Based on a 4.00 scale.

† High School Curriculum: Evaluated on the context of the applicant's high school.

‡ Scholarship Range: Based on 2015-2016 tuition and fees. With Miami's Tuition Promise, families are provided the assurance that scholarships will retain their full value across a student's four-year experience. For more information, visit

Financial need is determined by the FAFSA. Students wishing to be considered for need-based financial aid are encouraged to submit their FAFSA by the Priority I Deadline of December 1, 2016, and no later than the Priority II Deadline of February 1, 2017. Students applying Early Decision are strongly encouraged to submit the FAFSA by December 1, 2016.

Scholarships are automatically renewed for four years, provided the student maintains the academic requirements as stipulated in the financial aid award letter.