Scholars in Writing for the Media

The Scholars in Writing for the Media Program ensures that top students acquire the advanced skills needed to write professionally and shape the public discussion on crucial local, national, and global issues. Scholar benefits include the following:

  • Mentorship from professional writers and journalists affiliated with Miami
  • Preferential placement in the Inside Hollywood and Inside Washington programs
  • Preferential access to all writing courses
  • Access to a small-group freshman colloquium in narrative writing
  • Opportunities to interact with visiting writers, journalists, and filmmakers

To be considered for the Scholars in Writing for the Media Program, students must select a major within the College of Arts and Science and must select one of the following Academic/Professional Areas of Interest on the Common Application: Editing, Journalism, Media Studies, Publishing, Public Relations, TV/Film Production, or Writing.

For more information, contact Richard Campbell or  James Tobin.