The HOME Office is now the Campus Services Center. The HOME Office is now the Campus Services Center.

Room Selection

Upperclass room selection is now available for 2019-20! If you are a current second year or older student, and you want to live on campus next year, login today to find your spot!  

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This Room Selection information is for current students. If you are an incoming First Year student, your housing assignment will be made by our staff during the late spring and early summer before you arrive on campus. Visit our Accepted Students page to learn more about housing assignments for incoming students.

Rising Third & Fourth Year Students (Current Second Year and Older Students)

Room Selection for current second year and older students is now available for the 2019-20 Academic Year!  Don't miss out on your chance to live on campus next year.  Enjoy the convenience of living on-campus again.

Our online housing system will give you flexibility to create roommate groups, search for rooms, and make your own selections, simply by going online. Ready to choose a room for next year? Login now and click "Register for Housing" to start the process!

Great locations are available for you to choose from, including:

  • Heritage Commons apartment style housing. Enjoy the convenience of on-campus living in an apartment environment.
  • Miami Inn, a former hotel, features double rooms with private bathrooms.
  • Bishop is a renovated hall located near King Library and McGuffey Hall on Academic Quad.
  • Ogden is a traditional hall located in the heart of Academic Quad, and is located above Bell Tower Dining!
  • Maplestreet Station & Etheridge are located on South Quad near the Rec Sports Center. Maplestreet Dining is a convenient buffet dining location which also includes Commons Express to-go!
  • Beechwoods & Stonebridge are located on Western Campus near Western Dining, Cook Field and the Clawson Fitness Center. 
  • Presidents & Withrow are our newest halls, which opened in Fall 2018. Enjoy the convenience of North Quad which is close to athletic facilities, academic buildings, and the North Quad Fitness Center.  Withrow Hall features a Starbucks in the lower level, and several buffet dining locations are nearby as well!
  • McKee is located on Western Campus near Western Dining Commons, and features many single rooms - a great location for upperclass students looking for a small hall with more privacy!

Each year, hundreds of upperclass students choose to live on campus. Why should you? 

  • Private Rooms: For 2019-20, we are making even more private/single rooms available in upperclass halls!
  • Convenience: With so many on-campus options, you'll be close to classrooms, dining, and other campus activities.
  • One Bill: Everything is charged to your university account, and utilities are included.
  • Tuition Guarantee: Miami's Tuition Guarantee applies to housing and meal plan rates, so your costs are more predictable.
  • Stay Connected: Living on campus is a great way to stay connected to campus activities, programs, and more.

Rising Second Year Students (Current First Year Students)

All full-time first year students and second year students are required to live on campus through the spring semester of their second academic year of enrollment.

For current first year students completing their first year and preparing for their second year at Miami, room selection will occur during spring semester, details below. To learn more about Miami's Two-Year Residency Requirement, please go to the Guidelines and Contracts section of our website, and click "First Year and Second Year Residency Requirement".

Student Created Communities

Student Created Living Learning Communities (more details)

Student Created Community Applications Available
December 3, 2018
Student Created Community Applications Due
February 10, 2019
Student Created Group Presentations February 19-21, 2019
Student Created Community Groups Notified March 1, 2019
Sorority Housing Dates
Sorority Corridor Housing (more details)
Sorority Housing Online Room Selection April 3, 2019
General Room Selection Dates
General Room Selection Process (more details)
General Online Room Selection Begins April 2019

Be sure to read our Room Selection Frequently Asked Questions.

Incoming Students (Newly Admitted Students)

All full-time first year students and second year students are required to live on campus through the spring semester of their second academic year of enrollment.

Incoming students will be able to complete their housing application and contract online following their Admission Confirmation. The Campus Services Center will use Living Learning Community, Roommate, and other preferences to finalize your room assignment. Incoming students can learn more about living on campus on our Accepted Students Page.