Winter Term

January 2-24

Spring Term Classes Begin

January 26

Resumes & Cover Letters

January 26; 5-6pm

Learn how to write resumes and cover letters for your job or internship search …

Basic Interviewing Skills

January 26; 6:30-7:30pm

Learn about Career Services, basic interviewing techniques, on-campus interviewing, and important dates and programs …

Career Success Certificate

January 27; 4:30-5pm

This is a basic introduction and description of the events and electives that you will begin to participate in through the Career Success Certificate program. You will meet the advisors who will help you through your journey, and will develop an understanding of what the program has to offer …

Finding Your Fit

January 27; 5:30-6:30pm

Learn how to conduct a self-directed job/internship search including evaluating interests and skills and identifying available resources. Learn key components of a job/internship search action plan and how to identify and integrate resources and be motivated to take the next steps …

Luxembourg Info Session

January 28; 4:30-5pm

Spring ICE Strategies for Non-Business Majors

February 2; 7-8pm

Similar to the general Spring Internship & Career Expo training, this session focuses on the skills and experiences of non-business majors …

Resume Workshop

February 3; 6:30-7pm

Bring your resume for a critique with the Career Assistants and get helpful feedback and important tips on how to format your resume and build a brand that resonates with employers …

LinkedIn 101: Building Your LinkedIn Brand

February 3; 7-7:30pm

This workshop will help you understand how to craft a LinkedIn profile that effectively communicates your experiences to potential employers. If you do not have a LinkedIn profile and want to develop one or you do have a LinkedIn profile and want to maximize its effectiveness, this workshop is for you …

Training Session for Spring Internship & Career Expo

February 4; 5:30-6:30pm

Gain helpful tips on how to make the most of Spring ICE. This session is open to all majors …

International Student Job Search

February 5; 5:30-6:30pm

This program is for International Students looking to gain internship and full-time employment in the United States. Learn to navigate career fairs, resumes, interviewing, visas and work authorization …

Pre-Fair Tweet Up

February 9; 6-7pm

Join @miamioh_careers for a live tweet session where you can ask your employment and Spring Internship & Career Expo questions. Use #SpringICE …