Equipment Checkout

The following list of equipment (some of it albeit old but still useful!!!) is available for to check out for SHORT TERM loans for faculty, staff, and students in the language departments only. Students who need to borrow equipment from the ILRC must have their language instructor sign the equipment out. Please see the Director for all reservation requests. Longer loan times may be granted with the Director's permission, especially during the summer or during study abroad coordinations headed by faculty.

All students, faculty, and staff will need to agree to the Equipment Loan Agreement prior to checking equipment out. You may view this agreement via the link below. By checking out equipment, you agree to the terms and conditions set forth in the ILRC's Equipment Loan Agreement.

View Equipment Loan Agreement and
see which items are checked out

Product manuals may be available in PDF format for the equipment below. Contact the Director of the ILRC for availability.

Items Available for Checkout

Apple Dongles

Apple Dongles and Connecters

Bogen Tripods

Bogen Tripods

Dolica Tripod

Dolica ST-650 Tripods

fifine lavalier microphone

Fifine USB Lavalier Microphone

floppy drive

Floppy Drive - Portable USB Powered

IRIScan Book2

IRIScan Book2 Executive Portable Document Scanner

Keyspan presenter

Keyspan USB Remotes for Presentations

Lenoxx CD102

Lenoxx CD-102 CD Boombox

Logitech C270

Logitech Webcams (Various SD and HD models)

MIami University Embossing Seal

Miami University Embossing Seal
(Department Use Only)

Miami Branded Table Cover

Miami University Table Cover
(Department Use Only)

Olympus WS600s

Olympus Digital Voice Recorders (Various Models)

Foldio3 Display Box

Orangemonkie Foldio3 Photographic Whitebox with 360° DisplayStand and additional LED lighting bars

Quartet Display Board

Quartet Three-Panel 72 inch by 36 inch Display Board

Samson lavalier wireless microphone

Samson XPD2 Lavalier USB Digital Wirelss Microphone

Sony DCR PC120 Camcorder

Sony DCR-PC120 Digital Mini-DV Camcorder

Sony HDR-XR260V Camcorder

Sony HDR-XR260V HandyCam

Sunpak Tripod

Sunpak DXL Mini Tabletop Tripod

Zip Drive

ZIP Disk Drive - Portable USB Powered

Equipment Loan Agreement

In exchange for equipment borrowing privileges, I agree to the following conditions:

  • I understand that equipment may be borrowed by current faculty, staff, and students only upon presentation of a valid and current Miami University photo ID.
  • Failure to return overdue items or pay fines will result in revocation of borrowing privileges.
  • Equipment is due in the ILRC Director’s office by 5:00pm on the last day of the loan.
  • Equipment must be returned in the same condition as it was checked out.
  • No change to any operating system, software, or memory system in any piece of electronic equipment is allowed. If you need specific software installed onto equipment, please speak with the Director before checking equipment out.
  • Any data saved to the equipment when returned will be deleted.
  • I agree to reimburse the ILRC for any damage or loss incurred while the item(s) are checked out to me. See table of replacement costs below.
  • I agree to pay any fines accrued if the equipment is returned late. See table of fines below.
  • The ILRC is note responsible for any loss or damage to user’s files or peripheral devices due to equipment or network malfunction.

This agreement is in effect each time you check out equipment. Agreement must be renewed each academic year.

Fines and Replacement Costs
Computer Dongles = $25.00
Data Projector = $1200.00
Digital Photo Camera = $500.00
Digital Video Camera = $800.00
Digital Voice Recorder = $110.00
iPad = $430.00
Legacy Equipment = $25.00
Mac Laptop Computer = $1300.00
PC Laptop Computer = $1100.00
Presentation Remote = $80.00
Scanners = $300.00
Tripods = $110.00