Students work with 3D scanning technology on a Peruvian artifact

Archaeology Minor

The Archaeology minor allows students to develop their skills in archaeological approaches to the human past, including field and laboratory techniques, material culture analysis, and cultural heritage management.

This transdisciplinary minor is ideal for students interested in focusing their studies on the deep and diverse history of humans by analyzing and preserving the material remains of past communities. Archaeology combines critical thinking, scientific methods, and experimental research, making it a fitting and unique complement to a variety of student majors.

May be completed with an Anthropology Major.

Program Requirements

Track Courses:
Select one of the following:
ATH 145 Lost Cities & Ancient Civilizations
CLS 101 Greek Civilization in its Mediterranean Context
CLS 102 Roman Civilization
Select the following:
ATH 212 Introduction to Archaeological Theory and Method

Select at least 8 credits to total 18 hours:
ATH 314 Old World Archaeology (3)
ATH 312 North American Archaeology (3)
ATH 313 Latin American Archaeology (3)
ATH 355 Paleoanthropology (3)
ATH 388 Culture, Art, and Artifact (3)
ATH 415 Field and Lab Methods (4/6)
ATH 431 Archaeology of Power (3)
CLS 216 Greek and Roman Cities (3)
CLS 244 Introduction to Egyptian Art and Archaeology (3)
CLS 299 Discovering Greece (3)*
CLS 323 Discoveries of Archaeology (3)
ART 382 Greek and Roman Sculpture (3)
ART 384 Greek and Roman Decorative Arts (3)
CCA 222 Museums and Collections: Beyond the Curio Cabinet (3)
CCA 232 Museums Today: Content, Practices, and Audiences (3)
GEO 441 Geographic Information Systems (3)
GEO 448 Techniques and Applications of Remote Sensing (4)
GLG 354 Geomorphology (4)
GLG 436 Paleoclimatology (3)

Select the following:
ATH 416 Applying Archaeology

No more than 6 credit hours of variable content courses may count towards the minor: ATH 340, ATH 390, ATH 177-477, Honors 480, ATH 491

*CLS 299 is a 6 credit, Winter-Term study abroad course. Students may petition to have up to 3 credits from this course count toward the Archaeology Minor