Graduate Studies

The Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry offers graduate programs leading to the M.S. and Ph.D. degrees. Both degree programs emphasize original research and are designed to educate professional chemists for teaching and research. In addition, the moderate size of our program (about 55 students), allows students to establish close personal relationships with each other and with faculty members.

The objectives of the graduate curriculum are to broaden and deepen the student’s general knowledge and understanding of chemistry, capacity to conduct meaningful research, and ability to recognize and provide solutions to significant scientific problems. To meet these objectives, the department offers a wide range of fields of specialization, courses, seminars, and research problems. The research interests of our faculty span all of the major subdisciplines of chemistry and biochemistry, and the department features extensive instrumentation, all of which is used directly by our students.

While students must meet the requirements of the Graduate School and the department, they may individually tailor their choice of fields, courses, and research problems to meet their personal interests and professional goals.

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