Kravats Lab

Joining a Research Group

Graduate Students

Graduate students who begin in August are typically assigned to research groups in November of their first semester. Early in the semester, the faculty make brief presentations on their research programs. The students then arrange to speak with potential faculty mentors 1-on-1. The Graduate Advising Committee then matches students and mentors according to their preferences. In some (rare) cases, students may enter the program pre-assigned to a faculty mentor.

Undergraduate Students

One of the core values of the department is that undergraduate involvement in our research program is among the most important opportunities we can offer our students. All of our undergraduates are encouraged to seek out research opportunities. Review our Research Opportunities.

Faculty by Research Interests

The following faculty are presently supervising (or are interested in supervising) graduate and undergraduate students.

Analytical Chemistry


Biophysical Chemistry

Chemistry Education Research

Inorganic Chemistry

Materials Chemistry

Organic Chemistry

Physical Chemistry