New video about Winter 2015 India trip

The College of Arts and Science has released a new video in which students discuss their experiences during the Winter Term trip to India led by professor Liz Wilson, together with associate professor of psychology Vaishali Raval. (The video also features a Winter Term trip to Thailand.)

The theme of the India trip was "Religion, Family, and Well-being in India." In the video, Dr. Wilson explains that students visited "departments of psychology, and counseling centers, and non-governmental organizations, non-profit organizations, feminist organizations, as well as temples, and mosques, and historical sites."

Student Elizabeth Spidel comments on how the India trip contributed to her preparation for a career in nursing: "The people part and the religion part intertwined together to really help me with personal relations. . . . This trip really helped me with a lot of cultural competence. It's going to make a lot more of a difference in my career path."