Professional Writing Curriculum

PW Contact

Michele Simmons, Director of Professional Writing

The Bachelor of Arts with a major in Professional Writing is designed for students who wish to engage with the theory and practice of writing for various purposes and in different print and digital media. Students choose one of four tracks:

  1. Digital and Technical Communication
  2. Editing in Professional Contexts
  3. Public Writing and Rhetoric
  4. Intercultural Rhetoric and Writing

The major requires 36 hours: five core courses (15 hours); five track courses, one of which is required (15 hours); and two elective courses in any 200-level or above course in the English Department (6 hours). (Note: You may not “double-dip” a course as both a track-elective and an open-elective.)

Current Professional Writing Requirements 

  • for students beginning August 2018

Pre-Fall 2018 Professional Writing Requirements

  • for students beginning major prior to August 2018. Note: Select bulletin year, College of Arts and Sciences, Professional Writing Major