Geography Major

Why Geography?

map Geographers think globally, but are practical in acting locally. Geography integrates perspectives on people, cultures, and the environment. Geographers work on cutting-edge issues like urbanization, globalization, development, and environmental change. Geographers were among the first professionals to sound the alarm about human-induced changes in the environment and the need for cultural sensitivity when working for global peace. Mapping remains central to geography, but today uses the most advanced digital technologies. Geographers make important and positive contributions to important initiatives in their local communities and around the world, enjoying productive and satisfying careers and service.

What Can I Do With a Major in Geography

Megan fighting fireA complex world demands specialized skills, but also ability to integrate information. Geographers have broad ability to link human and environmental, and technical skills in mapping, Geographic Information Science (GIS), or remote sensing. Graduates find quality employment in public, private, and non-governmental sectors. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment of geographers will grow 26% by 2018, particularly for those with GIS background. Many of our graduates find good placement in graduate programs.

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