Summer Workshops

The Department of Geology and Environmental Earth Science offers summer workshop courses annually. Below is a listing of these courses.

GLG 411/511 Field Geology
Course Hours: 6
Approximate dates for 2015: June 8 - July 10
Instructor: Brian Currie
Students identify, classify, and interpret geologic features and synthesize and communicate geologic interpretations. Students work outdoors six to eight hours each day and individually create several geologic maps and cross-sections using pace and compass, topographic, air photo and satellite image bases with GPS units (satellite navigation). Geologic mapping and rock interpretation techniques are the subject of evening discussions. Taught in the northern U.S. and southern Canadian Rockies and at the Miami University Geology Field Station in Dubois, Wyoming.

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GLG 413/513 Tropical Marine Ecology
Course Hours: 5
Approximate dates for 2015: May 24 - June 6
Instructor: Hays Cummins
This interdisciplinary earth systems field course investigates aquatic systems (estuaries, mangroves, coral reefs, seagrass beds, lagoons, beaches, intertidal zones, taxonomy of vertebrates and invertebrates of coral reefs, lagoons and tidal flats), paleobiology and global change (paleo-reconstruction of past lagoon environments, fossil coral reefs, and land use).| Student research questions concerning biological and physical analyses of a select marine habitat are required. The course is taught on-site in the Florida Keys and the Bahamas.

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